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Tell tale signs of female pattern hair loss - are you at risk?

Tell tale signs of female pattern hair loss - are you at risk?

A terrible hair day is not an alarm for just changing your hairdo but it also tells you that you need to concentrate on a better lifestyle. The condition of your hair could be a warning for many underlying health risks. Both males and females experience hair thinning and hairloss but it is not as widespread in females as much as it is seen in cases of males. It can occur as early as 20 years of age for females.

 Female patterned baldness is also called as androgenetic alopecia. Females with baldness usually have general hair thinning where the volume of hair reduces drastically and the scalp skin becomes visible. Female patterned baldness  is an indicator of underlying health concerns which need to be addressed as early as possible.  Women with female pattern baldness usually experience general hair thinning, which affects the volume of their hair. In females the first sign of baldness is widening of the partition of hair or a feeling of hair density being very less than original or a ponytail becoming too thin. In male pattern baldness the hairline recedes but in female pattern baldness it does not. The risk of female pattern baldness increases with age and very few ladies have a head full of hair.

What are the tell tale signs of female patterned baldness?

  • It may be your genes

Genes appear to play a significant in the development of female patterned baldness which means that it can be running in your family. Females who suffer from female pattern baldness can inherit the gene for baldness from either of her parents. So now it’s possible to know that how much risk you carry to develop baldness by doing a simple saliva test for your genes. This test is called as GenoHomeopathy and it helps to know the propensity of you developing baldness and other health issues which can lead to baldness.

  • It could be your hormones

Hormones contribute greatly for hair. Beautiful thick hair is a sign that your hormones are functioning optimally. Major hormones change after menopause. Hence hair tends to get thin. Young girls suffering from polycystic ovaries have excess of male hormone androgen in their body which causes hair to become thin and if not taken care early can lead to baldness. Birth of a baby is the most precious moment for a mother but it also brings in loss of hair due to hormonal changes. Menstrual irregularities could also cause hairloss.

  • It could be an autoimmune disorder

Thyroid disorders, diabetes mellitus and cancers are known to reduce the thickness of hair over a period of time. Females suffering from any of these autoimmune disorders should work upon early medical intervention and correction of the causative factor to prevent hairthinning and baldness.

  • It could be certain long-term medications for certain diseases

If you have been on long-term medications for diabetes, thyroid disorders, high blood pressure, corticosteroids; it could cause hair thinning. So help your doctor treat you with the best treatment option by being supportive and giving the correct information for best treatment outcomes.

  • It could be an underlying disease

It could be a pituitary gland tumor or an ovarian tumor which could lead to thinning of hair as these tumors cause these glands to produce androgens in excess which ultimately leads to thin hair.

  • It could be your chemical hair treatments

Long-term coloring of hair and repeated straightening or smoothening salon procedures done on hair can lead to thin hair.

Hair loss treatment for women

There are many ways to treat female hair loss. Just applying a solution externally would not help much in hair loss treatment for women. Identifying the cause is very important for hair loss treatment for women. Homeopathy is one of them and the best.

Homeopathic medicine for hair loss treatment in women shows a good long-term response and gets to the root cause. PCOS is very effectively treated with homeopathy. Stress is another cause for female pattern baldness which is very effectively treated with homeopathy. Homeopathy not only treats the physical complaints but also restores the equilibrium of the body. Homeopathic treatment aims at stabilizing the condition in which a female comes in with, treating the underlying cause, saving the existing roots and postponing baldness naturally without any side-effects.

The next treatment is aesthetic treatment which helps to enhance the volume and density of existing hair but the result depends on an individual case. For example: If hair has thinned because of iron-deficiency anemia or due to some nutritional deficiency, then an aesthetic therapy like GroHair or STMcell are very helpful. If it is due to underlying disorder like thyroid disorder or diabetes then the aesthetic treatment result may vary case to case.

Combination treatment of homeopathy and aesthetic give best treatment outcomes. So consult your nearest trichologist and know which treatment suits you best.

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