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While you may think you are doing enough from changing shampoos, to investing in better hair oil and expensive salon treatments but have you still been missing on the thick and shiny lush hair it used to be? Nothing seems to be working? Well, it probably isn’t just lacking that ‘maa ki haat ki champi’ instead it could be your hair trying to drop hints about your internal health.

To recognize what could be the cause of hair loss, lack of luster or gray hair, here are the 7 things your hair might actually be telling you:

Lack Of Protein

Protein is an important building block for the body. It also builds every hair strand with a type of protein called keratin. Hair breakage and slower hair growth often results from lack of protein intake.

Tip- Add protein to your food such as fish, eggs or poultry and for vegetarian friendly options one can include, chickpeas, cottage cheese or yogurt.

Iron Deficiency

From numerous other health problems like anaemia, feeling lethargic and shortness of breath, it may surprise you that low iron levels in blood can also be the cause of hair loss especially, if one is already at the risk genetically. Losing about 50-120 hair strands a day is normal however if the hair doesn’t grow back at the same speed that’s when the problems arises.

Tip- Hair follicles need iron to grow, include beans or dried fruits such as raisins, cranberries and apricot for healthier hair.

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Missing On Key Nutrients

Eating too much junk food or improper dieting can make you miss on essential nutrients. It can impact overall health and also stunt hair growth or leave hair dull. For hair that’s healthy and shiny it requires correct combination of iron, protein, omega-3, zinc and other vitamins.

Tip- Choose healthy produce like walnuts, spinach or dairy products in your regular diet to help in hair fall control.

Thyroid Gland Malfunction

This butterfly shaped gland is a major player in regulating various bodily functions including hair follicles. The hormonal imbalance caused from an under-active or over-active thyroid gland can be the culprit if you’re experiencing hair loss or patchy scalp conditions which can further lead to male or female pattern baldness too.

Tip- Small exercises like regular walking may balance the hormone levels. Also, getting a checkup done can help with the right treatment to ease hair fall and other symptoms of thyroid.

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Hormonal Imbalances And Slow Hair Growth

Transition during menopause, pregnancy or post-pregnancy can all cause major hormonal shifts resulting to falling of hair in lumps. Estrogen and progesterone are vital for hair retention and imbalance in these can often result in hair loss problems.

Tip- It is impossible to avoid such hormonal transitions but little lifestyle changes such as replacing coffee/tea with green tea can ease the symptoms.

Too Stressed

Are you finding hair shedding all over the place? Recent heart breaking events, work stress or simply new opportunities can be over whelming. This makes it difficult to avoid stress but here’s a tip to reduce hair fall.

Tip- Massage all that stress away with some warm oil, it can help to increase blood circulation and also triggers ‘feel-good’ hormones like dopamine and serotonin.


A study suggests 90% of hair loss in men results from genetics, most hair thinning in women is also due to genetics. No one wants to deal with gray hair or hair loss patches at an early age, if you do notice any hereditary pattern, taking early precautionary measures can help slow down hair problems. Certain deficiencies like being low on copper can also show up as gray hair.

Tip- Adding some mushrooms or sesame seeds in diet can help prevent early graying of hair.

Isn’t it amazing how much your hair can tell you? Spending time on expensive chemical products in not very helpful when the problem lies deeper. Some may suffer from hair problems due to straightening, colouring, tight braids or other hair pulling hair styles may contribute to hair loss. Even though some of the underlying factors may be more serious than others but Worry Not! Homeopathy’s holistic approach examines the underlying factors and aims to treat the ailment from the root. It effectively treats the hidden cause of hair loss be it dandruff, anaemia or even thyroid thereby maintaining over all good health. Also, with a few lifestyle changes like keeping hydrated and eating right can help treat dry brittle hair. Let our homeopathic experts help you with the right hair fall treatment plan, Book an appointment today.

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