Embracing the Frizz: Curly Hair Tips in Summer

Embracing the Frizz: Curly Hair Tips in Summer

If you have naturally curly hair, summer might be a bittersweet experience for you. You long to go to the beach and lounge by the pool, but the heat and humidity can prove to be a lot to handle for your hair. Not to mention, curly hair is naturally voluminous and this causes much trouble when combing out knots. You might be considering some expensive hair treatment solutions to smooth out those curls permanently. But, with the right care, curls can be beautiful. Here are some quick tips to run through so you can follow a stress-free hair care routine for your locks this summer.

  1. Buy alcohol free products

This list includes shampoo, conditioner, and hair spray. Often supermarket sold hair products contain harsh chemicals including alcohol that damages your hair follicles, swells up the cuticles, dries out your scalp, and leaves your locks unmanageable. Invest in salon grade shampoo and a leave-in serum which are alcohol-free and gentle on your scalp.

  1. Don’t skip the moisture

Many of us who have frizzy hair often think that using conditioner in summers will worsen the effect of humidity on our hair. Nothing could be further from the truth. Applying conditioner is the best hair treatment to make your curls stay together. To get a better finish, look for a protein based conditioner for the summers.

  1. The last rinse should be cold

You can wash your hair with warm water but make sure your last rinse is done with slightly cold water. This helps seal the cuticles and minimizes the frizz in your hair. Never bathe with very hot water as this can damage your hair.

  1. Use correct drying techniques

If you plan to towel dry your hair, gently pat the hair down and let the water out. Never rub the towel roughly round your scalp. If you plan to blow dry your hair, buy a diffuser. A diffuser helps by minimizing heat damage to your hair while maintaining the shape of your curls. Completely boycott heat based hair treatment devices including tongs and curlers. Using heat based styling devices, daily, can become a cause of hair loss for you.

  1. Never over brush your hair

Combing or brushing too hard can increase the frizzy look. It also damages the cuticles, leads to hair breakage, and can become a cause of hair loss in the humidity. Try to minimize the number of times you would need to comb your hair. For instance, if you will be going outdoors, tie a loose curly bun, and wear a hairband to keep knots from forming.

  1. Trim those split ends

Split ends look brittle, coarse, and discoloured. Trimming those ends off automatically lends new life and shine to your hair. Getting rid of split ends also helps improve curl definition and bounce.

  1. Resist the urge to shampoo daily

Frizzy and curly hair always seems to get oily at the fringe. Especially if you hit the gym regularly, you may feel tempted to shampoo daily. Shampooing daily will strip your scalp off its natural oils that work to keep your hair manageable. Shampoo a maximum of three times a week. If you sweat a lot, invest in an alcohol-free and sulphate-free dry shampoo.

Homeopathy and hair care

The summer heat often brings along many health problems that can become a cause of hair loss in men and women. This summer skip the chemicals and opt for pure and natural hair care with homeopathy.

Homeopathy offers safe and natural healing for various hair and scalp problems including dandruff, alopecia areata, and scalp psoriasis. Homeopathic medicine for hair loss is specially preferred for its sensitive healing and is very suited to young children, expectant mothers, those with serious illness, and the elderly. Homeopathy provides hair treatment solutions that are customized as per each patient’s unique medical background and symptoms. Healing the mind and rejuvenating the body is the homeopathic way to a healthy and wholesome life.

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