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Does dengue fever cause hair loss?

Does dengue fever cause hair loss?

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Dr Batra's™ Team , Medically Reviewed by Dr. Ashish Unadkat

Various studies done on the hair loss condition reveal the statistics that most of the Indian men tackling the issue of hair loss or baldness, are witnessing the symptoms of this condition as early as in their 20s, which is quite a shocking revelation. Not only this, according to recent reports, Dr Batra’s homeopathic clinics have seen a rise in number of hair loss complaints in patients who have recovered or are recovering from Dengue fever. Now, the question is can hair loss symptoms in any way be attributed to dengue?

To get answers for such queries related to hair loss symptoms, you need to answer some simple questions related to your lifestyle and medical history followed by a simple hair examination. If you too are faced with any such situation, simply follow the link below and book an appointment with us at or call us @9033001642  to get more details about the homeopathic practice at Dr Batra’s.

Even an aedes mosquito bite can cause hair loss. Read on to know more about the latest facts in the hair loss diary –

  • Hair loss can be a potential symptom of any underlying disease; and thus, the aftermath of dengue can also lead the patient to witness hair fall.
  • With extended monsoon in the last quarter, we, at Dr Batra’s, witnessed a definite spike in the number of people seeking hair falling treatment, who reported that 1 to 3 months before the beginning of hair loss, they suffered high-grade fevers typical of dengue. We found a definite connection between female pattern hair loss or male pattern hair loss and dengue where the symptoms of high fever seem to be a precursor to trigger inherent permanent hair damage.
  • The persistent high-grade fever during dengue and the consequent exposure to extensive fever lowering medicines and heavy antibiotic use, and also the nutritional pull due to poor intake causes the hair to become weak, and thus, sudden hair shedding is witnessed in many patients who have been treated for dengue and/or still under remission. Homeopathic medicines are found to be extremely effective in serving as a holistic and comprehensive approach for the treatment of such hair loss symptoms.

Click here to know more about: Reasons, Symptoms, Tips and Treatment of hair loss.     

Reap the true benefits of homeopathy to treat your hair loss from the root

Hair loss post dengue fever is a medical condition known as ATE – Acute Tellogen Effluvium. The best formula to treat it effectively entails HVT sessions, i.e., hair vitalizing treatment sessions, coupled with proper diet and extreme focus on maintaining good hygiene. It is the shortest possible route with the best and sustainable results to lessen your affinity towards absolute baldness naturally by supporting your body systems organically. If you have any other underlying cause such as poor nutrition, hormonal imbalance, stress, diabetes or thyroid disorder, it may also call for a customized hair fall treatment in homeopathy.

Now that you know hair loss is not a cosmetic problem alone, it has strong bearings on other areas of your health, you should take the treatment which corrects it from the root. The homeopathic medicine for hair loss and hair fall control is proven to be extremely beneficial in providing long-lasting relief without any side-effects.

Hair Loss Treatment at Dr Batra’s

Homeopathy is globally accepted to be very potent in managing hair loss symptoms. The practice of homeopathy at Dr Batra’s follows a simple formula:

  • We identify the cause by special hair evaluation test with VMS (video microscope) and CHHC (complete homeopathic health checkup). Depending on the findings, we plan a customized treatment plan for the patient.
  • The treatment comprises of individual homeopathic remedies, aesthetic treatments like hair vitalizing treatment, Gro-Hair therapy or STM therapy, and lifestyle changes depending upon the patient’s condition, stage, and reasons of hair loss.

The Numbers Speak -

  • We have successfully treated over 6 lakh hair loss patients with the treatment success rate of  96.6%. (Authenticated by American Quality Assessors (AQA)

Self-Help Tips

  • Your hair too deserves the best of hygiene. Never stop washing your hair for the fear of hair fall, it can worsen the situation. Use Dr Batra’s pH balance shampoo 2-3 times a week for best results.
  • Post dengue, the shedding of hair definitely need better nutritional support. You need a protein-rich diet well augmented with Dr Batra’s Nutria Good Powder to ensure complete hair nutrition. You can purchase the products online through this link:

Keep the above mentioned tips clear in your mind and take the help of homeopathy for combating your hair loss post dengue fever. In case of any doubts and/or queries related to hair loss or baldness, click on this link- Hair Loss FAQ's.

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