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Debunking myths about diabetes
Debunking myths about diabetes

Debunking myths about diabetes

Did you know that 442 million people globally are diagnosed with diabetes? (WHO) If you are a diabetic patient, you may constantly scour through the Internet trying to find the facts about your condition. But myths lead to unfair stigma around your condition. According to NCBI, myths can hinder you from getting a reliable diabetes treatment. So, here are some myths debunked.

Myth 1: If you have diabetes, you can’t consume sugar

Fact: NCBI studied 416 people which included diabetic and non-diabetic patients. Over 22% of them believed in this myth. Sugar isn’t the only culprit responsible for your diabetic condition. It may be a contributing factor in Type 1 diabetes, but that doesn’t mean you stop its consumption entirely. According to National Health Institute, restricting yourself too much may lead to over-consumption. Besides, a moderate amount of sugar balances your diet. The key word being moderate. This amount may vary for every person depending on their condition.

Myth 2: Type 2 diabetes occurs in obese patients only

Fact: Obesity increases the risk factors associated like the possibility of a stroke. However, it’s a risk factor and not the cause of diabetes. Some people who have a normal weight may also be diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Almost 80% of type 2 diabetic patients in India are non-obese. (Source: Indian Journal of Endocrinology and Metabolism) 

Myth 3: No exercise for diabetic patients

Fact:  Many prominent sports personalities manage to excel in their respective fields while exercising and managing their diabetes. People with diabetes should engage in exercising as a part of their healthy lifestyle. There are some factors which you should consider and seek professional guidance for before exercising. But, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t exercise.

Myth 4: Since no one in your family has diabetes, you’re safe

Fact: Your family history indicates whether you will be diagnosed with diabetes or not. But it’s not the only factor. There are many other risk factors associated with diabetes such as your ethnicity, high cholesterol, and age, amongst others.

Myth 5: Sugar-free products are safe

Fact: Almost every grocery store has a section lined with sugar-free products claiming to be safe. But a sugar-free label doesn’t make them healthy. They are processed foods and therefore you should check the nutrition table and ingredients before purchasing.

Myth 6: Type 2 diabetes is not severe diabetes

Fact: This type of diabetes is often considered as “mild”. However, no form of diabetes is mild. Untreated diabetes can lead to serious complications. If you begin your treatment at the initial stages, it becomes easier to manage the diabetes symptoms.

Debunking myths about diabetes

So, how can you find a safe treatment to help you manage diabetes? The answer is homeopathy.

Diabetes treatment in homeopathy focuses on providing an overall rejuvenation to your body while treating your diabetes as well. Diabetes is an auto-immune disease. So, homeopathic treatment for diabetes strengthens your body’s natural healing mechanism i.e. your immune system. It also provides long-lasting relief with absolutely no side-effects.

27 adults in Hong Kong suffering from diabetes were provided individualised homeopathic treatment. The treatment outcome was measured in Fasting Plasma Glucose (FPG) and glycated haemoglobin. When compared with a placebo-controlled group of diabetic patients the outcomes were as follows.

  • The FGP in the homeopathic group was significantly higher with 2.24 as opposed to 0.16 in placebo group.
  •  Glycated haemoglobin was higher as well with -1.11% vs. 0.08% (Source: NCBI)

Read more at: https://www.drbatras.com/homeopathy-gets-root-treat-diabetes

At Dr Batra’sTM, our homeopathic specialists evaluate your case history closely, hold counselling sessions and provide a customised homeopathic treatment to help you deal with your diabetes.

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