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Constipation - Diagnosis

The diagnosis is based on the following:

  • Clinical history and physical examination: it is very important for our doctors to understand the patient’s perspective of constipation – the exact symptoms they suffer from. Our doctors will also conduct a physical examination of the patient’s abdomen to look for distension, hard stool or mass.
  • Psychological assessment: constipation could well be linked to emotional disturbances or life situations. During a thorough case evaluation, our doctors will be on the lookout for such causes.
  • Investigations : Routine blood tests to rule out hormonal disorders and a stool test to check for blood in the stool may be advised.



Piles: this is the most common complication of constipation.

Anal fissures: fissures are tears in the walls of the rectum, leading to pain and discomfort. They get worse by dry, hard stools.

Faecal impaction: faecal impaction can sometimes lead to a number of other complications, including swelling of the rectum, loss of sensation and a lack of control over urine and stools or rectal prolapse.

Psychological complications

  • affecting the mood, i.e., anxiety and irritability
  • social withdrawal due to complications
  • interference in day-to-day activities
  • negative impact on health

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