Battling against hair loss? Homeopathy can help you.

Battling against hair loss? Homeopathy can help you.

Hair Loss
November 20, 2017

Are you losing hair over a period of the stressed condition in your professional life? Or, you’ve been taking medicines for a chronic condition and experiencing extensive hair loss as a side-effect?

Whatsoever is the reason; experiencing hair loss is terrifying. Be it, men or women, hair loss intensifies your stress level and hence, you start experiencing more hair falling out from your head.

We are so emotionally attached to our hair and why not? It reflects our personality and we do spend our lives washing, oiling, caring, and spending a lot of money shopping for hair products to make them look better and healthier. After putting so much of effort, the sight of seeing your hair falling on the pillow, on the floor, in the sink; is de-motivating. However, we should not lose hope. If your hair are falling out, there must be a reason behind it. You should focus on finding out the root cause. It would help you in finding out an appropriate hair fall treatment.

You don’t need to worry about how you’re going to find out that reason for your hair loss. Homeopathy has a long and successful history in treating hair loss from the root. It’s a good idea to work with a trichologist rather than just trying to treat yourself. Their insights into hair loss treatment regimens are worth knowing. They give you customized treatment after diagnosing your condition and combine homeopathic medicines for hair loss with technological advancements in the field to offer you permanent results.

The best part about taking homeopathic medicines for hair loss is that they do not cause any side-effects. Homeopathy medicines for hair loss typically have a tiny amount of the active ingredient suspended in pure water or some other liquid. They are easy to take, non-toxic, and non-addictive. Hence, they can be taken for a long duration for the betterment of your hair loss condition.

For example, homeopathic medicines for hair loss such as Thuja Occidentalis or Sabal serrulata have been used for hair fall treatment in homeopathy for over 100 years. International clinical studies have proven that the two homeopathic medicines cited are natural DHT-inhibitors, i.e., they can control hair loss caused by DHT — without side-effects.

Similarly, certain homeopathic medicines for hair loss are available to treat the following conditions:

  • Hair loss due to grief/sorrow: phosphoric acidum, also ignatia
  • Premature hair loss and graying hair: lycopodium
  • Hair loss due to disease or chronic illness: silica
  • Hair loss due to depression: natrum muriaticum
  • Hair loss due to stress: arsenicum album

The medicines should not be taken without the prescription of a professional homeopathic practitioner. Your homeopathic practitioner will advise how much quantity you should take in a day, and for what duration. Besides giving you hair fall treatment and homeopathic medicines for hair loss, your doctor will also help you on how to take proper care of your hair.

Your combined effort put forth with the doctor’s advice is surely going to give you healthy, long, and lustrous locks. In case of any doubt, you can contact or chat with our doctors to seek an advice.

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