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Are You Facing Sudden and Unexplained Weight Loss?

Are You Facing Sudden and Unexplained Weight Loss?

Somesh began noticing his weight had been dropped steadily over the past three months. Between balancing his professional and personal commitments, he barely got any time for exercise. His diet too followed a haphazard pattern with him eating mostly outside food. When he started feeling weak and experiencing frequent bouts of diarrhoea, he went to the doctor. Much to his surprise, Somesh was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism, a thyroid disorder marked by an excess secretion of thyroid hormone. He was completely taken aback as he did not expect to be suffering thyroid problems in his 20s.

Like Somesh, many young professionals who live the fast-paced city life often take their health and youth for granted. However, the rising pollution levels, highly processed foods, and sedentary lifestyle catch up and impact health sooner or later. symptoms of diabetes and heart disease begin to crop up at a younger age. It is a common misconception that ill-health is often marked by weight gain or obesity. Even a sudden weight loss is a warning signal that something might be wrong. If you barely exercise and find yourself losing weight, you might be suffering from a disease and need to seek treatment immediately. Here are some diseases that are responsible for sudden weight loss.


One of the main symptoms of diabetes is a sudden drop in body weight. Lack of sufficient insulin renders your body unable to absorb glucose thereby causing weight loss. If you have been experiencing sudden weight loss accompanied by excessive hunger and thirst and frequent urination, you might need to get your blood sugar levels checked.


A thyroid condition marked by excessive secretion of the thyroid hormone. In hyperthyroidism, your body’s metabolism spikes and causes sudden and rapid weight loss. Thyroid problems need to be treated immediately as they can affect healthy functioning of the brain, heart, and digestive system.


Frequent bouts of coughing accompanied by chest and throat pain can indicate a possible tuberculosis infection. Tuberculosis is a condition that causes a sudden and drastic weight loss accompanied by overall fatigue and weakness. This lung disease is contagious and can prove fatal if not treated immediately.

Digestive Disorders

Weight loss is usually one of the first warning signals that something is wrong with the gut function. Either food is not getting digested properly or there is an infection in the excretory system. Sudden weight loss can indication any or more than one of the following conditions: celiac disease, colitis, peptic ulcer, or Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).

Clinical Depression

It is hard for a person to come to terms that they are suffering depression and the onus often falls on family members and friends. If someone close to you has been losing weight drastically and seems ill, do get them medical help. If tests reports come in normal, they might be suffering depression. Depression often causes a person to lose interest in eating food at all.


Sudden weight loss can also indicate the onset of a more serious disease such as cancer. Infact for unexplained weight loss, most doctors check for tumours and other symptoms of cancer if diabetic sugar reports come in normal. The possibility of contracting a terminal disease is one of the main reasons why unexplained weight loss should not go untreated. 

Healing with Homeopathy

Homeopathy brings forth natural and holistic healing treatments for all age groups. Homeopathic medicine has successfully cured and controlled a variety of diseases including diabetes, digestive disorders, thyroid problems, asthma, childhood obesity, ADHD, PCOS, migraine, skin diseases, and baldness. In a world full of chemicals and heavily processed goods, homeopathic medicines stand out as they are completely free from side-effects that normally accompany chemical-based products. This makes homeopathy a popular choice among children, expectant mothers, and those suffering other illnesses.

Homeopathy believes that medical treatment should not only cure but also sustain good health. The treatment focuses on providing relief from symptoms of the disease while strengthening the immune system to prevent episodes of relapse. Homeopathic treatment does not aim for instant results but rather for lasting ones. Moreover, the treatments are non-invasive and therefore painless. Above all, there are not dietary restrictions. The treatment focuses on patient comfort first.  Consult a homeopathic doctor for holistic healing and care for you and your loved ones.

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