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Anxiety and depression among chronic bronchitis patients
Anxiety and depression among chronic bronchitis patients

Anxiety and depression among chronic bronchitis patients

Did you know that anxiety and depression are common in chronic bronchitis patients? (Source: European Respiratory Review) In chronic bronchitis, the prevalence of clinical depression ranges between 10% and 42%, while that of anxiety ranges between 10% and 19%. (Source: NCBI)

What’s the connection?

Anxiety disorders and chronic bronchitis are associated with many factors. The previous history of cigarette smoking and nicotine dependence are amongst these factors. Anxiety might be characterized by restlessness, fatigue, irritability, rapid speech, poor concentration, sleep disturbance, and physiological changes, such as tachycardia, palpitations, sweating, and dyspnea. Individuals find it difficult to control their worry, causing impaired function in social, occupational, or other important areas of daily life.

Risk factors

Greater levels of anxiety in chronic bronchitis patients have been associated with poor satisfaction with marital relationships. Furthermore, chronic bronchitis patients with anxiety are often also depressed. Depression adversely affects physical functioning in chronic bronchitis patients. In addition, depression lowers the quality of life and decreases adherence to treatment. Depression and anxiety are often untreated or undertreated in chronic bronchitis patients. Lack of treatment is also associated with poor quality of life and premature death.

Anxiety and depression among chronic bronchitis patients

Barriers to the detection and management of Anxiety and Depression in chronic bronchitis patients

  • Lack of knowledge about depression and treatment options
  • Stigma about mental illness i.e. the belief that depression is a personal and family issue not to be discussed with doctors
  • Reluctance to disclose symptoms of depression and anxiety unless they are specifically asked
  • Masking of mood disorder symptoms by physical symptoms such as fatigue decreased exercise tolerance, and excessive response dyspnea

Managing depression and anxiety in chronic bronchitis patients start with an accurate diagnosis. Many chronic bronchitis patients have mood disorders. Anxiety and panic attacks are often associated with acute respiratory exacerbation. If such attacks are frequent and meet specific diagnostic criteria, a panic disorder may be diagnosed.

Criteria for panic disorder

  • Recurrent unexpected panic attacks
  • Worry about the consequences of the attack

Well, chronic bronchitis patients require specialized care from an expert homeopathic doctor. Homeopathy treats not just the symptoms of chronic bronchitis; it treats the disorder from the 'root' and helps prevent complications.

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