9 Common Reasons for Hair Loss in Women

9 Common Reasons for Hair Loss in Women

Kirti began to worry when she noticed hair on her pillow when she awoke each morning. As the pattern continued for several weeks, she began noticing her volume reduce over time. Kirti led a hectic life – juggling work and home – and she wondered if there was something lacking in her diet that was causing her hair loss. Fearing an onset of female pattern baldness, she decided it was time to visit a specialist.

Like Kirti, many women suffer from sudden and excessive hair loss. If left untreated, chronic hair fall can lead to female baldness. The good news is there are many great options for female hair loss treatments. However, understanding the causes of a condition is an important step before adopting the right methods of treatment. Here are the 10 most common reasons for hair loss in women.

  1. Hormonal issues

Studies have shown that hormonal imbalances have become one of the main reasons for hair loss in women. Even teenage girls are not spared hair loss as they often suffer from thyroid problems and polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS). New mothers may experience a temporary hair loss due to hormonal fluctuations post-delivery.

  1. Excessive styling

A combination of chemical based styling treatments such as hair smoothening, hair dye, and hair sprays can be severely damaging to your hair. The chemicals seep through your delicate hair cuticle and permanently damage it. Thus, hair loss and female baldness have become common even among women in their early 20s.

  1. Crash dieting

Following a crash diet is almost akin to suffering from major nutritional deficiencies. Crash dieting, bulimia and anorexia are known to cause hair loss.Crash diets often force you to leave out a group of foods – for instance carbohydrates – and this can leave your body lacking in proper nutrition. Worse still, research shows that once you get off a crash diet, your hair does not grow back like it should.

  1. Certain medications

Medicines such as blood thinners, chemotherapy drugs, anti-depressants and gout prescriptions often cause hair loss when taken over an extended period of time. Even oral contraceptives (birth control pills) are known to cause severe hair loss when used at a stretch.

  1. Chronic stress

Stress is the bane of a modern lifestyle. It is no secret that stress harms your heart, head and even your hair. Hair fall, that is caused by extreme stress, can last several months. No medication can cure this condition; the only way out is to relax and take things one day at a time.

  1. Tight hairstyles

Hairstyles such as cornrows, tight ponytails, and high buns put pressure on your hair follicles. Added to this, most of these hairstyles require a ton of styling products so that they set right. This combination causes hair breakage and can lead to female baldness in the long run.

  1. Ill health

Hair loss is one of your body’s ways of telling you that somethings not right. Diseases, like anaemia, which are caused by nutritional deficiencies often manifest their first symptoms as hair loss and fatigue. Menopause, trauma post-surgery, and a sudden weight loss also lead to excessive hair fall.

  1. Scalp infection

Scalp diseases like psoriasis, ringworm, alopecia areata, severe dandruff, ringworm, and folliculitis cause an inflammation on the scalp which can lead to hair loss. Thus, any scalp condition that causes a rash, severe itching, or discomfort should be shown to a doctor immediately.

  1. Genetic factors

Genes are an important indicator of physical being. Like male pattern baldness, female baldness too is greatly determined by genetic factors. Medically known as androgenetic alopecia, the baldness gene can be inherited from either your mother or father. Female pattern baldness tends to develop around the crown of the head at the centre parting.

Healing hair loss with homeopathy

Patients worldwide prefer homeopathic hair loss solutions for their gentle and effective approach. Hair loss is an especially taboo topic for women across the world as lustrous locks are associated with feminine beauty. Homeopathy encourages women to freely discuss their hair fall problems and to come forward and seek timely treatment. Homeopathic medicines are free from harmful side effects and have shown successful results in treating female pattern baldness. Now bid a permanent goodbye to your hair loss woes. Consult your nearest homeopath for the best solutions suited to your scalp type.

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