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7 Tips for Beautiful Summer Feet

7 Tips for Beautiful Summer Feet

Reena is a working woman and in summers open-toe flat shoes are her best friends. They keep her feet feeling cool and fresh all day long. Lately Reena noticed unsightly hard skin developing on the edges of her heels and toes. She wondered if she had any health issues such as thyroid problems or maybe dehydration that might be causing the formation of this hard skin. After all her medical tests came clear, Reena understood that she might be neglecting proper footcare.

Like Reena, many of us too neglect proper foot care. We look after the skin on our face and arms and forget that the skin on the feet needs good care too. Studies show that the feet often take more physical pressure than most of your body. Here are some fabulous tips to get you pretty and healthy summer feet.

  1. Know your footwear

You might need to rethink those flip-flops and wedges. Attractive footwear can often cause many health problems such as back and knee pain, sore calves, constricted blood flow to the foot, bunions, and corns. Footwear should be comfortable first and stylish second. Never buy cheap options from the roadside. They may look good and feel soft but these shoes are often ill-fitting and can give you a host of problems including painful blisters.

  1. Protect your feet from the sun

Summer feet look great under the sun, but only for a little while. Too much exposure can leave you with ugly sunburn marks. You remember to shelter your face, arms, and legs from the harsh rays of the sun. But the feet are often the most neglected part of the body. Make sure to apply sunscreen to your feet before you step outdoors. Preferably wear closed shoes and if you must wear sandals, try to slip on a pair of socks or stocking to avoid a sunburn.

  1. Exfoliate at least once a week

Exfoliating your feet helps get rid of dead skin cells and saves you from cracked heels. This automatically brightens up your feet and gets them clean and pretty for your best footwear. You can buy a foot scrub or simply use a body scrub. Keep a pumice stone or a jute loofah in your shower for scrubbing those stubborn heels. Avoid plastic loofahs as they can scratch your skin and scar your delicate skin cells.

  1. Avoid going barefoot

We know you wouldn’t venture outdoors barefoot. Yet many people walk barefoot near the pool and in the locker room of the gym. This puts you at a risk of contracting different fungi and virus that can give you foot warts or diseases like athlete’s foot. Even if you are habituated to walk barefoot at home, consider a soft pair of slippers to maintain good summer feet.

  1. Buy your own pedicure tools

Your monthly pedicure treatment can be the perfect relaxation time. It is recommended that you buy and carry along your own nail cleaning tools. While most parlours take great care to sanitize their manicure and pedicure equipment, on occasion you may be treated with an unclean filer or a nail cutter. This can cause a fungal infection. Your best bet is calling a beautician home or carrying your own pedicure set with you to the parlour.

  1. Keep your nails clean

Make sure you remove your nail polish and allow your nails to breathe every couple of days. Cut your nails straight across the top and don’t trim the ends. Trimming the ends can lead to ingrowth which could prove painful. If you feel you might have an infected toe-nail, don’t apply nail polish over it. Get it checked by a doctor. Many health issues such as acidity, thyroid problems and hypertension often reflect their first symptoms on your hair, skin, and nails. Sanitize your nail cutter and other nail cleaning tools as often as you can.

  1. Never soak your feet for long

Soaking your feet in warm water for long may feel good but it also dries your skin out. Soak your feet for not more than 2 to 3 minutes to soften your skin and then follow up with a scrub. You can add a few drops of essential oil in your soak tub to add moisture. Remember that fabulous looking summer feet require a good moisturiser. If you want to go natural, simply apply coconut oil or Vaseline every night before bed.

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