10 Essential Hair Care Tips This Monsoon

10 Essential Hair Care Tips This Monsoon

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 Dr. Batra's®  September 7, 2017

As the first rains began, Manisha started to worry about her hair. She had suffered a lot of hair fall last monsoon, due to a hair straightening chemical hair fall treatment, and was currently following a strict hair fall control regime. Like Manisha, many of us worry about hair loss in the rains and wonder how best we can manage our tresses. Here are the top 10 essential hair care tips that will sort you out this rainy season.

  1. Oil your scalp regularly

Oil is the best natural conditioner which helps in hair fall treatment. Oil your hair the previous night and shampoo it off in the morning. Your hair will be silky smooth akin to the effect of a conditioner. For best results opt for a pure oil such as coconut oil or virgin olive oil. Skip the scented oils as they often have preservative and chemicals.

  1. Switch to a wide-toothed comb

If you must choose one comb to carry around with you, make it a wide-toothed comb. This comb suits all hair types from oily to dry and very frizzy. It will allow you to comb even damp hair with minimal damage. Save the brushes only for days you need to blow dry.

  1. Buy good waterproof headgear

Buy a rain coat or a windcheater which comes with a nice head cover. Protecting your body from the rain while allowing your hair to get wet is a big mistake. Hair is at its most brittle when wet therefore it is always a wise choice to cover up. Remember that successful hair fall control depends a lot on prevention rather than cure.

  1. Explore a new hair style

If you were planning to go short, the rains might be a good time to experiment with that idea. Short hair is easy to manage and less prone to breakage when wet. If you detest the thought of clipping your long locks, do try layers which will make your hair easier to comb and manage.

  1. Eat a protein rich diet

Proteins are very important for your body muscles, tissues, and for cell regeneration. A protein rich diet will help you greatly in hair fall controland in fightingmany scalp diseases. Include eggs, lean meat, pulses, yoghurt, soya, cheese, fatty fish, spinach, mushrooms, and kale in your diet as much as possible.

  1. Hold back on the styling products

It’s no secret that your hair products are slowly damaging your scalp while making you look good. Cut back on any unnecessary products this monsoon. This list includes mousse, gels, hair spray, hair dye, spray on colour, and pomade. Your wallet and your hair will both be grateful for this change.

  1. Change your shampoo

If your shampoo doesn’t seem to pacify your hair in the monsoons, it might be time for a change. Opt for a clarifying shampoo or a shampoo with frizz-control. Always buy a small bottle when trying something new. If you like it, you can buy a bigger pack. If you don’t or if you have an allergic reaction, you won’t have wasted any money.

  1. Ask for supplements

If you feel you’re not eating right, it is okay to ask your doctor or a nutritionist for hair supplements. Commonly recommended supplements contain one or more of the following list: biotin, iron, zinc, Vitamins A, and D. However, do remember that supplements cannot replace a healthy diet. They only play a supporting role in hair fall control.

  1. Handle with care

Wet hair needs to be handled with care. If your hair gets wet in the rain, don’t clip it up immediately or tie it tightly with rubber bands. Hair cuticles are exposed when they get wet and thus wet hair is more prone to breakage. Let your hair dry naturally or if you are in a hurry, dry it under a hand drier in the washroom. If you must use a blow dryer, invest in a diffuser to minimize damage.

  1. Stay hydrated

We simply can’t stress this one enough. Everyone from your parents, to your teachers, doctor and gym instructor will remind you of the importance of drinking plenty of water. However, if you have a hectic routine, you might not be drinking enough water. You need at least 2 litres of water per day for healthy cell function. Mix things up by including fresh fruit juice, lime soda, clear soup, green tea, and coconut water to stay hydrated.

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