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10 things to know about bioengineered hair treatment
10 things to know about bioengineered hair treatment

10 things to know about bioengineered hair treatment

Hair is important to our identity, self-perception, and psychosocial functioning. Hair loss may be upsetting, reduces self-esteem and perceptions of beauty while also contributing to depression and anxiety.

We all lose hair at some point. Each day, the average person loses 50 to 100 strands of hair. Hair falls out after the 2 to 6-year growth phase, thus some hair loss is entirely natural. You might see some hair on your clothes and in your hairbrush, this is normal. What is not normal is excessive hair fall!

Reasons for Hair Loss, and What You Can Do About It

There are multiple reasons for hair fall; it could be due to a vitamin deficiency, heredity, hormonal changes, stress or medical condition, etc. When it comes to hair loss treatment, there are several options you can choose from, and one of the best treatments would be DrBatra’s®  bio- engineered treatment FDA approved hair fall solution.

What is Bio-engineered hair treatment?

The bio-engineered treatment stimulates hair follicles and thickens existing hair. This non-invasive and painless hair growth solution also treats dandruff and reduces hair loss by using plant plasma, which contains a variety of growth factors and proteins that are similar to ensure accelerated hair growth in the shortest amount of time.

Take a hair loss evaluation test to assess the current state of your hair problems

Continue reading to know 10 things about bioengineered hair treatment

10 things to know about bioengineered hair treatment

  1. FDA Approved

Food and Drug Administration (FDA), approval means that the treatment has been
tested and approved by FDA . Dr. Batra’s® bio-engineered hair treatment combines homeopathic and biological hair growth hormones to guarantee visible results in just 6 sessions.

  1. Technology using Plant rich Plasma with Polypeptides

Bio-engineered hair-treatment is a 5-step treatment that includes plant plasma polypeptide with growth factors, copper tripeptide, thymisine, as well as necessary vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. This cutting-edge, technologically advanced procedure can be carried out while the hair cycle is in the telogen (hair loss) phase, resulting in faster hair loss reduction.

  1.  Increases Hair Growth

Bio-engineered hair treatment helps you promote the permanent growth of new hair on the scalp. It offers a non-surgical alternative to established surgical treatments for male and female pattern baldness and hair thinning. You can minimize bald areas and boost new hair development with this bioengineered hair treatment that has no negative effects.

  1. Long-lasting Healthy Thick Hair

The outcomes of the bio-engineered hair treatment are long-lasting. It boosts hair follicle density and thickens existing hair. It nourishes hair follicles with plant plasma polypeptide with growth factors, copper tripeptide, thymisine, and necessary vitamins, minerals, and amino acids.

  1. It is for everyone

Anyone with thinning hair, hair loss, or baldness, can benefit from bio-engineered treatment regardless of the patients' age. It is effective in both men and women with excessive hair fall due to heredity, hormonal issues, stress, diet, etc.

  1. 5 Step Plan

A bio-engineered hair treatment  plan is divided into five steps

  • Step 1 – Hydration & Nourishment - serum spray. This will even open the pores. (5 minutes).
  • Step 2 – Heating the scalp to increase blood circulation via an electroporation machine. (10 minutes).
  • Step 3- Apply the serum and then perform a derma roller on the entire scalp. (20 minutes).
  • Step 4- Electroporation on the scalp to further increase absorption. (10 minutes).
  • Step 5 – Cooling to close the pores (5 minutes)
  1. Non-Invasive

Invasive hair restoration surgery can result in substantial scars, making you feel insecure. If you go the non-surgical route, you won't have to worry about scarring.

Bio-engineered hair treatment is a non-invasive and painless hair regrowth treatment. It also treats dandruff and reduces hair loss by using plant plasma, which contains a variety of hair growth factors and proteins that are identical to assure faster hair growth in the short term.

  1. Cost-Effective

One disadvantage of surgical hair transplant surgery is its high cost, and if the outcomes aren't satisfactory, you'll have to go through another treatment.

Non-surgical hair replacement is more cost-effective than surgical hair restoration; you won't have to spend a fortune if you choose a Bio-engineered hair treatment.

  1. Safe and has no adverse effects.

There is no chance of discomfort, side effects, or stress because in a bio-engineered hair treatment no surgery is required. Anyone, regardless of age and gender, can do it. It has almost no adverse effects. It's a wonderful option for the majority of people, so there's a good chance it'll be a good fit for your needs.

  1. High Positive Outcomes

Clinical studies on 1000 patients revealed that 83% demonstrated a significant reduction in hair fall, a considerable rise in hair volume, an improvement in the thickness of each hair shaft, and a continuous increase in hair density even after a year of treatment.

Dr Batra's® has delivered long-term hair loss solutions to over 7 lakh people. Our hair specialists, in combination with physical and psychological tests, provide you with long-term hair loss treatment.

Dr Batra’s®New Hair combines the goodness of homeopathy with scientifically proven aesthetic treatments to provide patients with a natural, cost-effective, long-term solution.

To know more about Dr Batra’s® bioengineered hair treatment, you can book an appointment now!

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