10 Facts Every Woman Needs To Know About PCOS

10 Facts Every Woman Needs To Know About PCOS

Polycystic ovarian syndrome, or PCOS as it is commonly known, is a condition that has become very common today. A startlingly high number of women in the reproductive age group suffer from this condition and need to seek ovarian cyst treatment. PCOS is a condition in which a woman’s hormonal balance is affected. Her body begins to produce more male hormones than female hormones. This causes an irregular menstrual cycle and many other accompanying problems.

In many societies today, there still exists a taboo around discussing a woman’s period. Wrong perceptions and myths often make menstruation a topic that is off the table. Thus, polycystic ovarian syndrome can prove especially challenging to deal with. In an effort to create awareness, here are 10 facts every woman needs to know about PCOS.

1. The problem is not just the ovaries

The name of the disease includes the word ‘ovaries’. However, PCOS is not limited to just the reproductive organs. It is essentially a hormonal imbalance that can be caused by thyroid problems or a disorder of the pituitary gland. This causes irregular menstruation and the formation of ovarian cysts. Therefore, a hysterectomy will not cure the problem, as is wrongly believed by some.

2. The main symptoms of PCOS

The main symptoms of PCOS are irregular periods or a complete cessation of menstruation, hirsutism (excessive growth of hair on the face, arms and chest), excessive acne and oily skin, constant fatigue, and hair loss. These symptoms occur in varying degrees and demand immediate ovarian cysts treatment.

3. PCOS cannot be cured

If anyone tells you that they can cure PCOS, do not buy that information. Akin to certain conditions such as diabetes, PCOS is lifelong and cannot be cured. But, do not worry. The disease can be successfully controlled with the right polycystic ovarian syndrome treatment medication as well as proper diet and lifestyle habits.

4. Know insulin resistance

If you have PCOS, you have probably heard the phrase ‘insulin resistance’ a lot, without knowing what it actually means. In women with PCOS, the body makes more insulin than normal. This leads to an excessive production of the male hormone ‘androgen’. Moreover, the body cells do not respond to insulin adequately and this can be a warning sign for diabetes as well.

5. Understand related health complications

PCOS is not a heath problem that can simply be ignored. Studies show that women with PCOS are at a higher risk of developing diabetes, heart disease, and stroke. Moreover, PCOS also leads to undesirable weight gain and obesity. Women with ovarian cysts are also more likely to suffer from infertility and have a miscarriage.

6. It is possible to conceive naturally with PCOS

While fertility is the biggest issue in question with PCOS, it is still possible to conceive naturally. The first step is getting help from a doctor for ovarian cyst treatment in order to regularise your monthly cycle. Once your periods are normal, you can try for a baby and there have been many successful cases of women who have managed to carry successful pregnancies inspite of PCOS. 7. Not all women with PCOS develop cysts

This might sound ironic; however, every woman with PCOS does not develop cysts on her ovaries. Likewise, there are women who develop cysts on their ovaries without having PCOS. The underlying reasons for these require a medical practitioner’s advice as the responses differ for each person. Therefore, never self-diagnose by going for a sonography on your own.

8. Recognising the emotional impact

A woman’s monthly cycle is much more than a physical occurrence. It has a deep emotional connect with her womanhood. Therefore, the absence of a period can make her worried, distressed, depressed, and lose faith in her attractiveness as a person. This is worsened by facial hair and acne. Emotional support is an important aspect of healing from PCOS. Do not be afraid to seek counselling.

9. PCOS can lead to constant fatigue

As PCOS is often caused due to thyroid problems, it is normal to feel exhausted through the day. Moreover, many women with PCOS have been found to suffer from anaemia which also leads to dullness and fatigue. It is normal to feel exhausted with PCOS or even when you are undergoing ovarian cyst treatment. Do not be harsh or over exhaust yourself and take rest when your body demands.

10. Belly fat is caused by excess insulin

Anyone suffering PCOS will admit to developing an excess layer of fat around the tummy. This fat is caused due to excess insulin production and in some cases, due to food cravings caused by PCOS. Therefore, along with your crunches and squats, remember to take steps to keep your insulin levels in check by eating right.

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