Your hair loss coming in the way of self-confidence? Fret not, Homeopathy makes everything right.

Your hair loss coming in the way of self-confidence? Fret not, Homeopathy makes everything right.

Hair Loss
November 19, 2019

Your looks portray your identity and your hair enhances your looks. And that’s why hair loss comes in the way of your self-confidence! Well, you should know self-medication can harm and must be strictly avoided. Read on to know how to get back your healthy hair with homeopathy.

Facts and figures about hair loss

  • About 50% of men over the age of 50 and 50% of women over the age of 65 will suffer from hair loss.
  • About 25% of men who are affected by male pattern baldness begin to see the first signs of hair loss before age 21.
  • Approximately 3% of all pediatric doctor visits made each year are connected to hair loss-related issues in children, including thinning and bald spots.
  • About 30 million females and 50 million males experience hair loss as a direct result of the genetic make-up.
  • Up to 4% of the population is affected by trichotillomania, with women developing it at nearly double the rate of men.

Hair loss causes

Read further to know the most common hair loss causes.

  • Heredity plays a major role.
  • History of severe illnesses such as typhoid, malaria, tuberculosis, etc.
  • Acute or chronic phases of high fever.
  • Nutritional deficiencies.
  • Infections of the scalp.
  • Emotional stress.
  • Certain medications like strong antibiotics and chemotherapeutic medicines.
  • Hormonal changes especially during pregnancy and also after discontinuing contraceptive pills.
  • Certain chemicals like those used to purify swimming pools.
  • Wear and tear due to over-grooming.
  • Repeated bleaching, perming and dyeing.
  • Permanent dyes damage the hair shaft much earlier than temporary ones.

Psychological effects of hair loss

Hair loss can affect your quality of life. It can reduce your self-esteem. The negative impact on emotional levels can affect your confidence levels. This can even lead to withdrawal from society which, in turn, leads to depression.

Homeopathy for hair loss

All homeopathic medicines have been tested and proven effective and safe. Listed below are the advantages of homeopathy for hair loss.

  • Reduction in the rate of hair loss
  • Promotion of hair growth in affected areas
  • Maintenance of health and wellbeing of hair
  • Prevention of recurrence of hair loss
  • Elimination of the root cause in order to provide enduring relief

Homeopathic medicine is selected based upon causation, unique characteristics, location and area of hair loss, aggravating and mitigating factors and most importantly your constitution. The homeopathic remedies are customized for each person. For instance, the homeopathic remedy for the excessive sensitiveness of hair roots with hair loss in women having pulsating headaches is entirely different from the homeopathic remedy for hair loss following general weakness such as delivery or severe illness. Similarly, the homeopathic remedy for great sensitiveness and itching of the scalp with hair loss is entirely different from the homeopathic remedy for greasy, oily hair with dry eruptions on the margins of the scalp with hair loss while combing. This fine differentiation of homeopathic remedies based on minute observations is the uniqueness of homeopathy.

Hair loss solutions at Dr Batra’s™

Dr Batra’s™ provides instant and permanent hair solutions. Homeopathy can be supplemented by various other treatment options like Dr Batra’s™ STMcell Therapy. It is the latest revolutionary treatment brought to India. It works on stem cells that promote new hair growth within six weeks of the treatment’s commencement. It involves minimal or no pain at all. It has absolutely no side effects. It reinstates cellular multiplication and cellular growth by improving blood circulation. It restores hair follicles to their original size and minimizes hair thinning. The duration of the treatment is 10 weeks, one session per week.

Watch Video: Dr. Akshay Batra on Solutions for Hair Loss


You should take the hair loss evaluation test in order to understand the severity of your hair loss. It is highly recommended to book an appointment with your homeopath and seek homeopathy treatment for hair loss.

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