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You need not struggle with PCOS anymore. Consult a homeopath!

You need not struggle with PCOS anymore. Consult a homeopath!

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Society's definition of beauty is absurd, especially in women. You are considered beautiful if you are slim. While this may work for many as they have the correct biological framework for it, it is not so smooth for the others. Polycystic ovary syndrome is a very common hormonal problem in young women. Studies show that 1 out of 10 women experience or has experienced PCOS disease at some point in their life.


Although more of a syndrome than a disease, it sure does pose problems. The most common symptom in women suffering from PCOS is irregularities in their menstrual cycles due to a hormonal imbalance. Other PCOS symptoms include acne, thicker strands of hair on the chest, belly, back and face, darker skin developing on neck, underarms and groin, emotional distress and severe mood swings. In tandem with these common symptoms, there are some hidden ones as well. These are high blood sugar and a lingering fear of diabetes, high blood pressure, sleep apnoea, high cholesterol, and risk of uterine cancer among others.

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Studies show women with PCOS have 3 times the risk of having a stroke and heart disease, twice the risk of anxiety and drug use, weaker immunity and of course the most severe after effect in terms of infertility is ever-present.


The most obvious sign is to look for the frequency of a woman's menstrual cycles and see if there is any abnormality in that regard. Then the doctors look for all the above-mentioned symptoms and come up with a concrete deduction with certain blood tests. Another way to diagnose is via ultrasound. More often than not, polycystic ovary syndrome causes excess accumulation of eggs surrounding the edge of the ovary, due to improper release. With ultrasound, you can actually see sacks of fluid that have eggs inside. More eggs than normal could very well indicate toward PCOS.

Conventional treatment

First and foremost, a healthy lifestyle is the base no matter what PCOS treatment technique you go for. Maintaining a healthy weight, plenty of exercises, and no smoking at all among others have to be implemented. Of course, these are easier said than done as people often tend to turn to a simpler alternative when it comes to sticking to a not-so-carefree manner of living. Pharmaceutical drugs are a very common approach in this scenario. Oral steroids are used to reduce testosterone levels and ensure the proper occurrence of menses. Needless to say, they may come with potential side effects. These include breast swelling, nausea, mood changes, vaginal discharge and many more. Psychotherapy can also be very useful in handling stress. Although there are no side effects to this method, there is no guarantee of a positive result either. One needs something more concrete and reliable. Go for homeopathy!!

PCOS treatment in homeopathy

PCOS treatment in homeopathy follows a very healthy approach. Because many of the PCOS symptoms can be associated with various other conditions, it is important to scrutinize the individual’s genetic and psychological history and then come up with a medication that rightfully matches the clinical findings. At Dr Batra's™, a patient's long-term relief is kept in mind whenever a treatment process starts. Patients all over the globe have testified in favour of Dr Batra's™. If you are someone with PCOS problem, it is definitely worth a shot. You can book an appointment online and visit your nearest homeopathy clinic.

Bottom line

Taking homeopathic medicine for PCOS is the way to go. As mentioned before, it is a common syndrome, so keep calm, visit a homeopath and follow his instructions with extreme care. This condition is totally treatable.

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