Worried which mask is best for when you have Asthma? Let us help you

Worried which mask is best for when you have Asthma-Let us help you

August 28, 2020

Most of us don’t aren’t even conscious of how important being able to breathe is. We breathe in oxygen through the airways that carry them to our lungs. But what happens when your airways are inflamed it makes it difficult for you to breathe? With an inflamed airway narrowed by swelling or excess mucus, air doesn’t move as easily into and out of your lungs. If you are one amongst the many who experience difficulty breathing, you are probably asthmatic.

According to the World Health Organisation, more than 339 million people are living with asthma. Over 80% of asthma-related deaths occur in developing countries. It is regarded as one of the most common chronic diseases among children worldwide.

Asthma symptoms (can vary from mild to severe):

  • Coughing - experience frequent coughing particularly at night or after exercise
  • Wheezing- a whistling sound while you breathe
  • Tightness in chest- feeling of pain or tightness in your chest
  • Shortness of breath - experience breathing problems frequently

Different people tend to have different individual triggers. Some common asthma triggers are allergies, pollution and sometimes even exercise. It is necessary to find out what your triggers are and learn how to deal with them for better management of your asthma disease.

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Worried which mask is best for when you have Asthma? Let us help you


We can prevent ourselves from potential allergens by taking necessary precautions while indoors, however, it’s almost impossible to avoid all of the allergens, pollutants, and potential triggers when outside. Luckily, you can avoid exposure to these outdoor particles with a well-fitting mask. Especially during an ongoing pandemic, it is a prerequisite to wear a mask especially if you are an asthmatic. There are different types of masks for different allergens such as allergy masks, cold weather masks, carbon filter masks and N95 rated masks for protection against the flu and other viruses or pathogens.


How to choose the best mask for you?

Protection from allergens like mold spores; pollen and pet dander require a more robust form of safety measures. Your masks must have efficient filtration power to deal with your individual trigger allergens. Some asthma masks contain filters to actually help prevent a significant proportion of the allergens from being inhaled.

Although some people with asthma problem may experience discomfort with face coverings, it is advisable to use one especially while outdoors. It’s also a good idea to try wearing a face covering at home, or on a short walk to slowly get used to it. It might not feel comfortable at first, but we can always give it a chance, right? Experimenting with different types of masks and starting with short periods of time can also help you feel more comfortable.

Before you choose your mask, it is advisable to consult an expert.

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It’s natural that when a global health crisis arises, people tend to be more concerned about their health than ever; even more so if you’re an asthmatic.

Did you know asthma and other respiratory diseases are often linked to immunity? The immune system is not only involved in the frequency and severity of asthma symptoms but also plays an important role in the onset of the disease.

Check your immunity score: (https://www.drbatras.com/adult-immunity-evaluation-test)

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Dr. Sejal Borivali
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