Winter Woes: Is Seasonal Hair Loss a Fact or Myth

Winter Woes: Is Seasonal Hair Loss a Fact or Myth

Winter is almost here with the temperatures dipping and the woollies coming out of the cupboards. Brining along a much-needed respite from the summer spell, most eagerly await the end of the year holidays and festivities. However, an uninvited guest too turns up often in the form of hair loss. Uninvited indeed for winters are the season for parties and merrymaking we always want to look and feel our best.

The rise in requests for hair loss treatment during winters often makes us wonder: is hair loss seasonal? Does our hair thrive in certain times of the year and tend to weaken in others? Much research has gone into this question and the answers have come back positive. Studies have proved that hair loss is indeed seasonal and occurs more often in the winter months. However, do not let this revelation dampen your festive mood. Let’s take a look at understanding the problem further and explore the best hair fall solution techniques.

The Link Between Cold Weather and Hair Loss

If your city experiences extremely cold winters and sub-zero temperatures, you would be no stranger to seasonal hair loss. Winter tends to make our skin and scalp dry. This lack of hydration leads to hair loss and strand breakage. Moreover, winter is the season when maximum fungal infections thrive and worsen. Doctors often find an increase in cases of psoriasis, eczema, and dermatitis in the colder months of the year. The winters can indeed be tough on your body.

Most people are confused as to how much hair loss is normal and how much is a warning signal indicating the need to seek hair loss treatment options. While there is no singular figure, the rule of thumb is losing anywhere between 50 to 100 strands of hair a day is normal. While it is not possible to count hair that falls, begin by observing your surroundings. Normal hair loss sees some strands in the comb, in a hair scrunchie, and in the drain while bathing. However, if you notice clumps of hair on your pillow and a widening centre parting, you might want to speak to a doctor about hair fall solution options.

It is a myth that women suffer seasonal hair loss more than men. The fact is that both genders suffer equally. In some studies, reports showed that even children were affected. Any suspect hair loss that seems more than normal should be shown to a doctor immediately. Like any other disease, an early treatment delivers better prognosis.

Tips to Tackle Seasonal Hair Loss

Incorporating a few basic hair care techniques in your daily routine can save you from severe hair loss and even baldness in the future. Hair experts advocate that the best hair care methods are often the easiest ones. The only problem is that people often forget to persevere. Here are some easy and simple hair care tips for winters. With regular application, you are guaranteed to notice the results.

Reduce the frequency of shampoo
Shampooing too frequently will dry out your scalp. Shampoo and condition your hair a maximum of twice a week. Moreover, use shampoo only on your scalp and never rub the lather on your hair strands. This technique of washing helps combat dryness.

Use oil to hydrate
Natural oils provide the best hydration for a parched scalp. You can use coconut oil or even almond oil to moisturize your hair and scalp. Leave the oil on for at least an hour before bathing and even if you skip the conditioner, your hair will be smooth and tangle free.

Skip the hair styling tools
Winters are not made for heat based hair styling tools. Put away the hair curlers, tongs and blow dryer as these tools dry out your hair and scalp and increase the intensity of hair loss. If you must dry your hair, invest in a diffuser.

Use homemade hair packs
You do not need to pay a lot of money and buy expensive hair packs. The best hair care ingredients are often found in your kitchen. The internet is full of recipes with natural ingredients such as curd, honey, and egg which provide extremely good nourishment and care for your hair.

Homeopathy Medicine for Hair Loss

Homeopathy medicine offers comprehensive treatments for hair loss for all age groups. Homeopathy is based on an ancient science of healing. With medication and treatment methods derived from nature, the healing process is natural and free from harmful side-effects of chemicals. This makes homeopathic medicines for hair loss especially great for teenagers, expectant mothers, anyone suffering hair loss due to another illness, and the elderly. Homeopathy believes that healing should be a comfortable process for the patient and his / her family. The treatments are thus painless as they are non-invasive. Do not let your hair loss woes hamper your confidence. Consult a homeopathic doctor today for the best hair loss treatment for you.

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