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Will you get psoriasis from your genes? Diagnose with Geno Homeopathy

Will you get psoriasis from your genes? Diagnose with Geno Homeopathy

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Well, it’s almost the easiest way out to blame your genetics for every fault that you may have been showered upon, most likely by your ancestors. However, think twice before you blame your psoriatic inflammations on your parents’ genes.

How are genes and psoriasis connected? 

While having a family member with psoriasis may elevate your chances of being diagnosed with psoriasis, there are patients who are identified with psoriasis with no previous history of this disease running in the family. You develop a 10% of being diagnosed with psoriasis if one of your parents is known to be suffering from the same. However, you hold a strong 40%-50% chance of being diagnosed with psoriasis if both your parents have already been suffering from it, according to the National Psoriasis Foundation. However, simply holding the chances to be diagnosed with psoriasis doesn’t necessarily mean the person will be diagnosed with psoriasis for sure.

A person can be genetically diagnosed with psoriasis only when a certain combination of varied genes merge together. Post this merger, only if they are exposed to the factors responsible for triggering this combination of genes, will they be diagnosed with psoriasis. Potential triggers may include certain types of infections or even stress. There are also certain foodstuffs which may trigger your genes and cause psoriasis. Want to know more about them? Read further at,

How does a stitch in time save nine?

As mentioned earlier, having family members with psoriasis doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be having it certainly. It simply means that you are at a higher risk of suffering from it. Wouldn’t it be great if you already had a way to find out whether you can be diagnosed with it or not? Imagine all the inconvenience it’ll save you if psoriasis doesn’t simply knock your doors unexpectedly but give you an RSVP beforehand. Dr Batra’s™ understood this need and developed the science of Geno homeopathy. 

What is Geno Homeopathy and how is it helpful with genetically transferred psoriasis?

Psoriasis types are extremely varied. If you already are at a risk of developing it in the near future because your relatives suffer from it, you might as well consider examining it well in advance so that you can receive the right treatment on time. This is where the science of Geno homeopathy will serve as a boon towards the mankind.

Geno Homeopathy is basically a prediction meter which can inform you whether you are at a risk of any medical health in the future due to your genetics. Since it’s a gene targeted therapy, it can be effectively used to predict whether a person is suffering from psoriasis due to genetic risks or not. Geno Homeopathy can therefore be used to prevent the diseases with homeopathic assistance and minor lifestyle changes.  

It’s a well-established fact that genes vary from person to person and that no two people will end up having the same genes. Since the genes of a person are as unique as their finger prints or iris, their treatments should also be equally unique. The homeopathic medicines for psoriasis offered at Dr Batra’s™ come from an individualised treatment derived after an examination of every factor which may have contributed towards the development of psoriasis or triggered the same. After this examination, a carefully derived diet plan and a string of counselling sessions are also followed. When it comes to skin ailments, opting for homeopathy is not only safe but also the wise choice. Since our skins are extremely sensitive, they should be kept out of reach of the conventional medicines as they are harsh and most likely to attack you with its side-effects.

Dr Batra’s™ is an institution of some of the most qualified and professional homeopaths where you can book an appointment at your nearest clinic and reap all the benefits of a safe homeopathic treatment for psoriasis.

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