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Vitiligo and Thyroid: What's the connection?
Vitiligo and Thyroid: What's the connection?

Vitiligo and Thyroid: What's the connection

Did you know that your thyroid can affect your vitiligo? If you are a vitiligo patient, it’s time for you to be aware of an associated medical condition – thyroid. So that you’re well prepared to deal with it.

What is vitiligo?

Vitiligo is an auto-immune disease where your skin loses melanin i.e. the pigment in your skin. This gives you discoloured patches on your face and the rest of your body. Among various skin conditions, this is a rather uncommon one and affects only 1% of the population globally. In India, the prevalence of vitiligo is 8.8% (Source: NCBI)

Fast facts about thyroid

  • Thyroid is a gland that secrets a hormone which ensures that your body functions normally. The overproduction or underproduction of this hormone causes hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism respectively.
  • Over 42 million people in India suffer from thyroid disease. (Source: NCBI)

How are vitiligo and thyroid related?

The most direct link between vitiligo and thyroid is simple, the autoimmunity. An auto-immune disease is when your immune system mistakes certain cells in your body to be foreign invaders. It then creates antibodies to attack and get rid of these cells. With both vitiligo and thyroid being auto-immune diseases they go through a similar process.

Substantially, vitiligo can be a hereditary condition. Many times, the genes associated with your autoimmune diseases like vitiligo are the exact same genes also responsible for causing other autoimmune diseases as well. In the case of this association between vitiligo and auto-immune thyroid disease, the shared genes are likely to be the culprit. Thyroid is the most prevalent autoimmune disease among vitiligo patients. (Researched by the international team of researchers from the University of Colorado)

There are many studies conducted to understand this relationship between vitiligo and thyroid. In a recent study, researchers evaluated 48 articles to understand this thyroid-vitiligo relationship better. These studies concluded that 77 out of 79 vitiligo patients were found with the presence of anti-thyroid hormones and 14.3% of vitiligo patients had thyroid. Vice versa, the prevalence of vitiligo among thyroid patients was 2.7% to 7%. (Source: NCBI)

Vitiligo and thyroid in children

Every child or adolescent with vitiligo is advised to get the Thyroid Stimulating Hormone Test (TSH test) done as well. 260 children with vitiligo underwent various TSH test. The results indicated that 6.2% of them had auto-immune thyroid disease which is a greater figure than that seen among children without vitiligo. Moreover, 10.5% of patients had elevated levels of antithyroid antibodies. This doesn’t disturb the thyroid hormone. However, this condition comes with an increased risk of developing thyroid in the near future.  (Source: NCBI)

Vitiligo and Thyroid: What's the connection?

Genetic test to predict thyroid in Vitiligo patients

If you have vitiligo, you’ve inherited certain risk genes from your parents and it’s likely that you’ll pass it on to your children. With these risk genes, you are likely to develop another autoimmune disease as well. With a simple genetic test at Dr Batra’sTM, it’s possible for you to know about the medical conditions you’ll be diagnosed with, even before you experience the symptoms. Geno homeopathy is a gene-targeted science. This genetic test studies your gene-composition and alerts you of the medical conditions and our homeopathic doctors can suggest the next step forward.

Homeopathy for vitiligo and thyroid

Homeopathy treatment in vitiligo is natural and therefore doesn’t cause any side-effects. The primary function of homeopathic treatment for vitiligo is to slow down the damage and initiate re-pigmentation in the existing patches.

Homeopathic treatment proved useful in relieving vitiligo in 126 patients, out of which 4 (2.94%) cases showed marked improvement and 15 (11.03%) cases showed moderate improvement. (Source: Indian Journal of Research in Homeopathy)

Homeopathy treatment is effective in both cases of hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism. Homeopathic medicines help to balance your thyroid hormone naturally by strengthening your immune system and helps in better functioning of your thyroid gland.

Read more at: https://www.drbatras.com/reverse-thyroid-disease-naturally-with-homeopathy

At Dr Batra’sTM, our homeopathic specialists evaluate your case to provide a customized homeopathic treatment for your vitiligo, thyroid and other associated auto-immune diseases as well.

Book an online appointment at Dr Batra’sTM and let our homeopaths take care of your vitiligo, thyroid and its connection in your genes.

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