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Top 3 Tips to protect your hair at the beach

Authored by
Dr Batra's™

A long weekend is fast approaching and what better way to spend it than packing your bags and heading to the beach! However the seaspray, sand, chlorine, UV rays - all take a toll on your hair and leave your hair looking more like straw than a glamorous glossy mane.

We talk to our in-house hair expert, Dr Akshay Batra- International Trichologist and Vice Chairman and MD, Dr Batra’s™ on how to make sure your hair stays beautiful – despite all the pressures of having a fabulous beach holiday.

1. Prevention is better than cure

Harmful UV light dry out the hair shafts and make them brittle and lifeless. “My mantra is definitely avoiding the problem in the first place, if you can,” says Dr Akshay Batra. “Treat your hair like you would treat your skin, and make sure you don't expose it to too much direct sunlight. To lessen the damage, you can also use a bandana or a hat.” he suggests.

2. Condition before you comb

Never attempt to comb your hair after being out on the beach or after your shower at the beach. Condition your hair before you comb them. “Sea breeze tends to dry your hair and if you comb them before conditioning, it will lead to breakage and cause it to frizz out. Hence always condition your hair and then comb them out with a wide toothed comb.” Suggest Dr Akshay Batra.

3. Leave-in is a must

The combination of sun and sand can dry out your hair and leave it looking like a haystack. “Just like our body, it is important to keep your hair hydrated when out on a beach. Always use a hair serum, this will help to retain the moisture in your hair” says Dr Akshay Batra.

Lastly, no matter how many products you use on your hair, you won't see lasting improvements if you continue to feast on carbs and alcoholic sundowners. In the end, what you eat does make a big difference to the quality of your hair. You must increase your intake of fresh fruits and hair friendly fruits like papaya and pears. Also, try and drink at least eight glasses of water each day to make sure your hair stays hydrated.

Have a Happy Holiday!

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