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Vitiligo Diagnosis

Vitiligo, a chronic skin condition can affect people of any color, however, it is usually more evident in those with dark skin due to the contrast between the depigmented skin and the unaffected skin.

Between 0.2% and 1% of people worldwide have vitiligo. It doesn't always impact the skin exclusively. Some vitiligo patients also have color loss in their mouth, in their eyebrows or eyelashes, or their hair.

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At Dr Batra's®, our skin specialists have a 30- to 40-minute in-depth consultation with the patient during which they analyze the patient's physical, social, and psychological concerns using the medical science of homeopathy and correctly diagnose the condition.

Dr Batra's® Skin Analysis System, an advanced skin-specific analyzer that aids in determining your true skin condition, is another technology the homeopathic doctors will use. Our skin specialist will then make a vitiligo treatment recommendation and develop a customized treatment after doing a complete skin assessment. Our homeopathic vitiligo treatment combines homeopathic medications, a healthy diet, and skincare advice, to manage vitiligo and stop the spread of the ailment.

International Studies Supporting Homeopathy For Vitiligo

Homeopathic treatment corrects the mistaken immune reaction and aids in re-pigmentation. The overall control of the disease will be much better in the future if homeopathy is thought of as a treatment option in the early stages of the illness.

According to the study by the NCBI, The 14 vitiligo patients who had tailored vitiligo homeopathy treatment saw the highest improvements when they were treated when the condition was still in its early stages.

There is frequently an underlying psychological component to any skin condition. This component can be efficiently treated with homeopathy without causing dependence or addiction. Homeopathy aids in bringing your body's balance, health, and energy back. You must obtain expert advice from a qualified and registered homeopath to ensure that you are receiving the best treatment possible for your vitiligo.

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My Family Doesn't Have Vitiligo. How Did I Get It?

One can develop vitiligo even if no family members do or have it. A family history of an autoimmune disease, such as vitiligo, diabetes, hypothyroidism, alopecia areata, cancer, etc., is present in the majority of vitiligo patients, suggesting a possible hereditary connection. Patients frequently are not fully aware of their relevant family history.

I Have Vitiligo. I Worry That It Will Get Worse. What Are The Odds That It Will Spread?

It is impossible to foresee if someone's vitiligo will progress. The experience demonstrates that various factors predispose one to have severe vitiligo. Although not a rule, the following are some of the factors that raise the likelihood of spread:
  1. Significant familial vitiligo history
  2. The appearance of vitiligo spots on the body's two sides, including the lips, toes, and tips of fingers.
  3. Linked to diabetes or hypothyroidism (underactive thyroid).

How Effective Is Homeopathy For Vitiligo?

One of the best vitiligo treatments is homeopathy since it gives patients with skin disorders a good chance of healing at any stage. Here is how homeopathy aids in vitiligo treatment.
  • Vitiligo in its early stages and lesser forms respond remarkably well to homeopathy. Most often, vitiligo can be cured in such circumstances.
  • Homeopathy vitiligo treatment can effectively control the spread of moderately spreading vitiligo and have a partial color formation.
  • Homeopathy can also stop cases of vitiligo from spreading quickly. Achieving good control over the spread of vitiligo.

How do you test for vitiligo?

Vitiligo diagnosis can be done easily based on visible discolouration of the skin. At Dr Batra’s®, we can predict the occurrence of vitiligo years before it actually appears with the help of Geno Homeopathy. This treatment requires a simple saliva test that not only helps us predict the probability of getting vitiligo but also helps in treating the root cause. It reduces the chances of its occurrence through preventive homeopathic medicine, appropriate diet and necessary lifestyle changes. Since the vitiligo diagnosis in Geno Homeopathy is based on individualized genetic predisposition; it is, therefore, the most individualized and customized treatment in homeopathy.

Is vitiligo a disease or disorder?

Vitiligo is an autoimmune disorder that occurs when the immune system attacks the body's own skin cells. The immune system attacks the cells that provide pigment (melanocytes) to the skin, resulting in discoloration and white spots.

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