Signs you have weakened immunity system

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April 30, 2020

We all probably know somebody who is sick all the time and is coughing and sniffling every time we see them. On the other hand, there are some people that just never seem to catch colds. Well, the reality is that each person’s immune system can vary with its ability to protect and ward off viral and bacterial infections.

Hence, it is best to find out whether or not you have a weak immune system so that you can start taking preventive measures and boost your immune system naturally. Below given are few common signs and symptoms of low immunity -

  1. Frequent colds: The first tell-tale sign is that you always catch colds. It is said that an average person catches cold anywhere between one to three times per year. So, if you catch cold a lot more often than that, you may have low immunity.

  2. Cold duration: Similar to catching colds, the duration of a cold is also a sign. A cold should last anywhere between three to four days. So, if your colds tend to be lasting for weeks, then you may have a weak immune system.

  3. Dry nose: Another symptom is that you have a dry nose. The mucus in the nose traps germs and viruses. Having a dry nose all the time means your immune system is compromised.

  4. Slow healing: Another sign of low immunity is that your cuts take a longer time to heal than other people. White blood cells in our body flows towards the injury site and help attack invading germs and bacteria. This is our body’s natural response to heal our wounds.

  5. Fatigue: Do you feel tired all the time, or have very little stamina and there isn’t enough energy for your body to function properly and unfortunately? It can be a sign of your immune defences going weak. This is one of the reasons why being sleep-deprived can lead to a fragile immune system. It is advised to get an adequate amount of sleep every night. Read more.

  6. Stress: Another symptom is that you get easily stressed. Stress isn’t always due to emotional factors. If you have a weak immune system, it could also compromise your mental health. Hence, practice de-stressing methods like meditation and yoga on regular basis. They not only help boost your immune system but reduce stress.

  7. Sugar cravings:Major sugar cravings could also be looked at as one of the signs. Don’t think that sugar cravings always mean that you just have a sweet tooth. Sugar affects your immune system by weakening the germ-killing response of the white blood cells.

Let’s look at how you can boost your immune system with the help of homeopathy.

Signs you have weakened immunity system

Benefits of opting homeopathy for immunity

Homeopathy for immunity offers a salubrious way by working at the immunity level. Homeopathy aims at getting to the root cause of your frequent illness and tends to strengthen immunity naturally. It helps to build a solid defense against the disease-causing microbes. With the help of homeopathy, the frequency and duration of day-to-day infections gradually decrease and you will be provided with long-lasting relief.

At Dr Batra’s™, each patient is examined separately by going through their health records because the syndrome of immunodeficiency encapsulates major health conditions that need to be addressed. These health conditions range from common cold/flu to more severe chronic conditions like certain skin disorders or respiratory diseases.

Homeopaths analyse every aspect pertaining to a patient’s life and based on their examination, prescribe personalised homeopathic remedies for immune deficiency, to each individual. These can be used as preventive as well as curative medicines. The fact that these remedies are side-effect-free makes homeopathy an obvious choice.

If you tend to fall sick more often than others, then do not hesitate, go for homeopathy. Book an appointment now.


You need to act on your immunodeficiency as early as you can. With the right homeopathic approach, it can definitely be treated.

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