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Seborrhoeic dermatitis - Natural treatment and remedies

Seborrheic Dermatitis Treatment from Homeopathic Medicine

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We all have seen someone with flaking on their scalp that results from embarrassing “dandruff” that is most noticeable on dark-colored clothes.

This common skin condition is called Seborrheic dermatitis and has no known cause. It often affects the scalp, causing scaly, white flakes. The patches may also appear on the face and upper part of the body. Affected areas may have a secretion of an oily substance into the hair follicles./p>

Though it may not seem like a life-threatening disorder, it often leads to social embarrassment and low confidence. Hence, it becomes important to take medical treatment and preventive measures to treat the disorder. Here’s why dandruff really needs medical treatment..

Here are a few tips to manage seborrhoeic dermatitis:

Good skin care is important for the management of seborrhoeic dermatitis scalp. Use of anti-dandruff shampoos will reduce the itchiness and flakiness of the scalp

Fish oil is high in omega-3 fatty acids and is known for its anti-inflammatory properties. Studies have shown that taking fish oil supplements causes a reduction in the skin symptoms of various inflammatory skin conditions, including seborrhoeic dermatitis

Eating a handful of flaxseeds regularly will also boost scalp health

Aloe vera has anti-inflammatory properties, and research has shown that it is effective in treating seborrhoeic dermatitis

Tea tree oil has long been studied as a treatment option for many skin conditions. It has antibacterial, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory qualities, which help treatseborrhoeic dermatitis symptoms

Olive oil also helps in soothing seborrhoeic dermatitis symptoms. Just coat your scalp with olive oil and leave it for about an hour. Then, use a brush to remove scales from your scalp. Brush your scalp thoroughly, then wash and shampoo your hair as usual.

Please note that these tips can only help you manage seborrhoeic dermatitis scalp and not treat the symptoms from the root. To effectively treat the illness from the root, you need to take medical treatment.

Seborrheic Dermatitis Treatment in Homeopathy

The conventional seborrhoeic dermatitis treatment consists of anti-dandruff shampoos and skin softeners. However, usage of these products does not guarantee a permanent cure, though chances of recurrence are high.

Whereas,seborrheic dermatitis treatment in homeopathy has something better to offer! Homeopathy goes deeper into the core of the disease and provides you a long-lasting treatment. It takes into consideration the individual affected by the disease and not the symptoms alone. It reduces the intensity, frequency and duration of complaints.

Homoeopathy medicines help in treating the associated complaints and correct the underlying disease like thyroid disease or zinc deficiency. Homoeopathy also helps to improve the confidence and overall quality of life.

Here are some remedies that can treat seborrhoeic dermatitis:

Kali Sulphuricum – for seborrheic dermatitis with yellow scales

Kali Sulphuricum is a top grade medicine for treating seborrheic dermatitis. It works wonders in seborrheic dermatitis cases with prominent yellow flakes on the scalp. The scales are sticky in nature, with a moist scalp. It is attended with itching. Heat worsens the itching in some cases.

Thuja Occidentalis – for white flakes on the scalp

Thuja Occidentalis is a well indicated medicine for seborrheic dermatitis with white flakes on the scalp. The hair may be dry in such cases. In a few cases, split ends and falling of hair may be noted.

Phosphorus – for flakiness and excessive hair fall

For seborrheic dermatitis cases where flakiness on the scalp is attended with excessive hair fall, Phosphorus is an excellent prescription. The hair falls in bunches. In some cases, the hair may fall off in spots. This may be accompanied by a severe burning sensation on the scalp. In a few cases, clammy sweat on the scalp may also be present. Click here to know about the link between Dandruff and Hair loss

Graphites Naturalis – for scales and intense itching

Graphites Naturalis is an effective medicine for seborrheic dermatitis where the scales on the scalp are accompanied by intense itching. The scales reduce after washing but reappear. A fetid odor on the scalp may also be observed. The scalp may also remain moist and humid. Matting together of the hair or falling of hair is also seen. Apart from the scalp, the scales may also be present on the eyelid margins and behind the ears.

Natrum Muriaticum – for greasy skin

Natrum Muriaticum most effectively treats seborrheic dermatitis with a greasy, oily scalp with redness and flakiness. The scalp is covered with white scurf. Burning sensation on the scalp may also be present. The face is oily, with redness. Acne on the face may also be present along with the above symptoms.

While these being few of the key indications for prescribing these medications, do not self-medicate. Homeopathic medications need to be taken under the guidance of an expert homeopathic doctor to yield the best possible results, they being the best judge to choose the right remedy for every individual case.

To get an individualized, safe, and effective seborrheic dermatitis treatment, book an appointment with us at

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