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Is psoriasis hereditary?
Is psoriasis hereditary?

Psoriasis Types and Homeopathy Treatment

Psoriasis is a non-communicable and chronic skin condition that can affect people of different ages. According to the World Health Organization, 100 million people worldwide are affected by psoriasis. This skin condition can cause psoriatic scales that form whitish-silvery patches on the skin. These patches are thick, reddish, and can crack or bleed at times. 

Psoriasis can cause a rapid increase in skin formation, which usually begins deep within the skin and slowly comes to the surface. It is a skin condition that affects different parts, such as the feet, hands, neck, scalp, and face. Psoriasis is associated with health conditions that include inflammatory bowel disease, anxiety, psoriatic arthritis, heart disease, type2 diabetes, and depression. 

The symptoms you may notice with this skin condition include red, raised, or inflamed patches, thick and pitted nails, painful and swollen joints, soreness around the patches, and dry skin that may crack.

The symptoms may differ based on the types of psoriasis that may include: 

  •  Plaque psoriasis, in this, you may notice red and raised scales on the skin.
  • Guttate psoriasis, here you may see small pink spots on the skin.
  • Inverse psoriasis, in this type, you may notice bright areas of red, shiny, and inflamed skin.
  • Pustular psoriasis, here you may see white and pus-filled blisters on the skin.
  • Erythrodermic psoriasis, where the skin looks sunburned and scaly.

    Is psoriasis hereditary?

    Heredity and psoriasis:

    Is there a hereditary link to psoriasis? A history of psoriasis in your family can put you at risk. But, it can also affect people with no family history of the disease. According to a study by the National Center for Biotechnology Information, immune cells in our body produce inflammatory molecules known as cytokines. They are small proteins that are crucial in controlling the growth and activity of other immune system cells and blood cells. It can lead to difficulty in knowing the cause and effect. Along with a genetic risk, other factors like stress, cold, HIV infection, drugs, and withdrawal of corticosteroids can lead to this skin condition.  

    Psoriasis can have adverse effects on the skin; but, living with this condition can be mentally exhausting. Therefore, you need to talk about your skin condition with other psoriasis patients to relieve the stress. Join psoriasis support groups; it can also help you find remedies that may help manage psoriasis symptoms better.

    Here are a few do-it-yourself home remedies that may help reduce your symptoms:

    •  Tuna, salmon, and other fatty fishes are rich in omega-3 fatty acids that can help reduce inflammation caused by psoriasis.
    • Psoriasis patients with a risk of cardiovascular diseases can use fatty fish or fish oil supplements to help reduce the heart disease risk.
    • A good massage and meditation can help reduce stress levels that trigger psoriasis. And, it is equally necessary to avoid oils that may irritate the skin.
    • If you have psoriatic arthritis, yoga can be the correct remedy to reduce flare-ups.
    • Turmeric has anti-inflammatory properties that can help manage the symptoms of psoriasis naturally. 
    • Always keep yourself hydrated. It can help your skin from drying faster than usual in the case of psoriasis.

    Homeopathy for psoriasis

    Along with these do-it-yourself remedies, you can also opt for homeopathic treatments for psoriasis. According to a study by NCBI, the individualized homeopathic treatment helped patients improve their Psoriasis Area and Severity Index (PASI) scores. Furthermore, treatments with homeopathy are safe, natural, and toxin-free. They offer you a holistic and long-term treatment solution for your skin-related issues like psoriasis.

    Why Dr Batra’s®?

    Dr Batra’s® has treated 1.4 lakh skin patients for over 35 years. As authenticated by the American Quality Assessors, we have a success rate of 94.3% in treating patients with skin disorders that includes psoriasis. With the help of Dr Batra’s® 3D imaging device, we capture 10 mm deep within the skin. Our expert homeopathic doctors then devise a personalized treatment plan that best suits your condition.

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