Playing Soccer is no more a fear as Homoeopathy is here…

Playing Soccer is no more a fear as Homoeopathy is here…

I was called by an anxious mother and my best friend who could not see her son in pain. He had suffered of an injury to his ankle joint while playing soccer. His sports doctor had given him the basic first aid and medicine to reduce the pain. As the medicine effect had reduced the pain returned and was unbearable. Seeing that the pain was unbearable and the pain killer effect was terrible she called me and narrated her son’s condition. I rushed to my friend’s house as she lived a few blocks away from me. Her son could barely walk without support and had a bad swollen ankle. But fortunately he had not fractured his ankle as his X-ray done in emergency showed the ankle joint normal. Since it was a traumatic injury and my friend was aware of the harmful effects of allopathic pain killers, I called my doctor friend who was a homeopath and he told me which homeopathic medicine would help in his case. To divert the boy’s attention from the painful ankle I asked him regarding his passion for soccer. He said that 1 day he wanted to be a world class coach in soccer. 15 minutes after giving the 1st dose of homeopathic medicine his pain was relieved by 50% and swelling too had gone down. My doctor friend had asked me to repeat the dose every 15minutes. To my surprise after 2 hours he started walking but with a slight limp much better than the condition I had first seen him. The young lad thanked me and told me that he could go back to play soccer within a week’s time. Seeing the happiness on his face my faith in Homeopathy got stronger.

Children are not very conscious while playing any sport. The most common injuries caused while playing are sprains, ligament tears, bruises, scratch injury, cut injury, broken bones/ fractures. Basic first aid is mandatory but Homeopathic medicines are of great help for safe and fast recovery. Children tend to get easily fatigued and have low immunity levels due to strenuous physical activity. Homoeopathy can provide a preventive and curative action as well as stimulate the body’s natural defenses, speeding the recovery process. Homeopathic medicine helps to reduce the physical stress on the child’s body caused by the exertion while playing. Homeopathy has wonderful remedies which help to repair the torn ligaments faster unlike conventional medicine which do not have any medicine for ligament repair, it helps speeding up healing of fractures and bone repair time and helps alleviate pains quicker than conventional medicines which cause stomach upsets after consumption. Homeopathic medicines being sweet pills are loved by children as they do not have to go through the torture of consuming scary bitter medicines. In cases where surgery is recommended, Homeopathic medicine can help to abstain from surgery too. So let this summer vacation be the most memorable for your child and let them play without fear as Homeopathy is here.

Healthy Food Tips for Your Growing Champ

Adequate nutrition is of utmost importance when your child is active in sports. A child would be motivated to eat only if it is appealing to their eyes. Customize tasty meals for your child so they would enjoy eating without complaining. 

Encourage your child to eat whole grains, whole fruits (avoid juices containing sugar or packaged juices) and vegetables in adequate amounts to achieve maximum carbohydrate storage which is the main fuel required as it converted to energy while playing. Make wraps with tasty sauces and full of vegetables.

Avoid foods high on sugars or starch as it can speed up dehydration. Give them adequate fluids to prevent dehydration especially in summers. Lime water with neutral sugars like jaggery/honey/ date syrup would be the best for them as it would help maintain electrolyte balance too.

Adequate proteins help to repair the muscles. Foods rich in proteins are lean meats, poultry, fish, eggs, beans, nuts and sprouts. Make home-made chikki with nuts/ crushed mixed nuts protein bar at home which they would love to eat. Make their favorite chicken sandwiches packed with salads.

Give them ½ tsp of organic turmeric powder mixed in a glass of water daily before bedtime as it helps to keep immunity levels high, acts as an anti-inflammatory, relieves aches and pains and keeps infections at bay. It would also prevent frequent cold and cough too.

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