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PCOS and Infertility: How are these related?

PCOS and Infertility: How are these related?

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Polycystic ovary syndrome or PCOS is called the silent thief and for all the right reasons. In many cases, it has robbed women of their femininity. PCOS disease has a direct association with infertility. Its onset is usually in the teens. We get to see so many cases wherein girls complain about menstruation problems, mood swings, self-esteem problems, and many more troubles related to PCOS.

How are PCOS and infertility related?

We think of testosterone as a "male hormone" but women have it too. Even a slight rise in the testosterone levels is problematic. Simply put, polycystic ovary syndrome causes a hormonal imbalance those results in high testosterone levels. Essentially what it does is it affects the ability of the brain to convey the message to the ovaries that it should release eggs fairly regularly every month.

What you will find is that women suffering from PCOS will have too much of a gap between two menstrual cycles. A normally functioning menstrual cycle occurs every 32 days and a PCOS individual may take longer than that which is a sign that you are not ovulating as you should. It does not matter how much eggs are produced, if the growth and release are not in sync, it is pretty hard to get pregnant. Some women might get lucky even with PCOS but usually, it is a major hindrance. Read more.

It is not uncommon for women with PCOS symptoms to go from 2 to 6 months between two cycles. The other side of this coin, as mentioned before, concerns itself with testosterone. Clinical findings that doctors look for in women are signs like hair growth on the face or other unusual places due to rise in testosterone levels in order to correctly narrow down the problem. In many cases with PCOS patients, the egg count is really high. They kind of hoard the eggs without frequent release which could be looked at as an advantage since the egg reserve is higher than usual.

How can it be treated?

The onset of PCOS treatment is lifestyle management. It includes having a low carbohydrate diet, a high fibre diet and proper exercise regime. Although quite helpful, in this day and age, it is pretty hard to adhere to a strict lifestyle. Medical treatments include birth control pills which regulate the menstrual cycles and lower the testosterone. Of course, they could have their side effects. These include weight gain, impaired vision, decrease in sexual drive and headaches among others. There are also psychological sessions one could try out to get rid of emotional distress. The success rate of this approach varies from individual to individual. You need something that is more natural and has a long-lasting solution for your polycystic ovary syndrome problem. Enter Homeopathy!!

PCOS treatment in homeopathy

PCOS treatment in homeopathy is the best cure. Homeopathy does not follow a “generic medicine” approach in treating any of the diseases. It aims to achieve the ultimate balance between the visible (physical) symptoms and the non-visible (psychological) symptoms. After going through the X's and O's of the patient’s history, a customized prescription is given. At Dr Batra's™, treating PCOS is done by going for the root cause along with treating the external symptoms. It is a sure-fire treatment to all the womanly woes, as claimed by patients worldwide. There is no harm in trying out a method that everybody recommends, right? You can book an appointment now and see a positive change in your life.

Bottom line

PCOS does take a heavy toll on a woman's body. Consuming homeopathic medicine for PCOS can do wonders for you. It is highly advisable to not take a hasty approach and consult a homeopathic doctor as soon as possible. You just have to follow the homeopathy doctor’s instructions and you will be fine.

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