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Ovary Cyst and Hair loss – What’s the link?

Ovary Cyst and Hair loss – What’s the link?

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“Looks like all the hair falling from my head is appearing on my face.”

Can you relate with this?

Women with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) can certainly relate with this condition - high levels of male hormones (androgens) in females cause thick facial hair (hirsuitism) and patterned hair loss on head (called Androgenic Alopecia or Female Pattern Baldness). Why does it happen? Let us find out.

The link between Ovary Cyst and Hair loss

Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is a disorder in which a woman’s hormones are out of balance. This condition builds up a number of cysts in the ovaries along with high testosterone (male hormone also called androgens) levels, lack of healthy egg production and other physical disturbances.

Androgens play a major role in triggering puberty and stimulating hair growth. If your hair follicles are androgen-sensitive, this can decrease the growth of scalp hair and increase the growth of body and facial hair.

Stress and lifestyle changes are one of the major causes of PCOS in females, which also contribute to hair loss. Nutritional deficiencies along with ovary cyst like low iron levels, low Vitamin B12 levels and low Vitamin D3 levels could add fuel to the fire for hair loss.

Ovary cyst could co-exist with thyroid problem (most often hypothyroidism), which often contribute to hair loss and weight issues in women.

But the good news is that if you treat your polycystic ovarian syndrome symptoms, you can stop excessive hair loss and could even re-grow new hair.

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Homeopathic Management of Ovary Cyst and Hair loss

Conventional medicines have no cure for PCOS but have medicines which decrease symptoms. Conventional medicines offer medicines that can treat symptoms such as irregular periods, acne, hair loss, excess hair and elevated blood sugar levels and there are fertility treatments which help in conceiving but these treatments show temporary relief/ no relief at all, have known side-effects and recurrence of the disease is more common.

Homoeopathic medicines show good long term response in ovary cyst and hair loss. Homeopathy helps to prevent recurrence and has no side-effects. Unlike conventional treatment of PCOS, elimination of the disease is more important in homeopathy than suppressing the symptoms. Hence, it gives you a safe, effective, and long-lasting cure.

Stress in females which is the major cause of PCOS can be effectively treated with homoeopathy. When the cysts shrink and the hormonal balance of the body is restored with homoeopathic medicines, hair loss automatically comes under control.

According to clinical studies conducted in Europe, 83 per cent of women, having ovary cyst and hair loss, treated with homeopathic remedies started ovulating, while their ovary cyst  resolved - along with a tangible reduction of hair loss on the scalp.

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Self-Help Tips

  • Be active, exercise regularly as it ups your metabolism and helps you manage symptoms of PCOS better.
  • Washing hair with mild shampoos every alternate day would help to keep excess oil production of scalp under control and prevent dandruff.
  • Avoid eating processed and refined foods as they worsen ovary cyst and hair loss.
  • Avoid having sugar, fruit-soda juice as they affect insulin resistance which makes PCOS disease worst.
  • Avoid alcohol and smoking. Smoking and alcohol can cause hair loss. They also cause hormonal imbalance which could make ovarian cyst symptoms worse.
  • Add flaxseeds and soy to your diet as flaxseeds is good for your hair loss, while soy is good for hormonal imbalance and hair loss.

At Dr Batra’s, we have treated thousands of cases of women’s health including PCOS, at the success rate of 96.0% (as authenticated by American Quality Assessors). To consult our expert homeopaths for safe, effective, and long-lasting treatment for PCOS, BOOK AN APPOINTMENT at: https://www.drbatras.com/book-an-appointment

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