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Mesotherapy for Hair Loss and Hair Growth

Mesotherapy for Hair Loss and Hair Growth

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I think no one, given the choice, would want to lose their hair. The emotional aspects of living with hair loss can be challenging.

Discovery of hair loss is a stressful experience for both the sexes - men and women. Throughout the course of history attitudes towards baldness have been overwhelmingly negative, which tends us to find out different ways to cope up with the situation. In this quest of finding out a solution for hair loss, many people look for painless hair fall solutions as they fear of needles! Trust us, you’re not alone.

Instead of keeping your fear of needles secret and allowing your hair to shed, read about Mesotherapy Treatment.

Introduction - Mesotherapy Treatment for Hair loss

Mesotherapy (mesos, for ‘middle,’ and therapeia, ‘to treat medically,’ in Greek) is a non-surgical treatment. It employs multiple pharmaceutical and homeopathic agents, plant extracts, vitamins and other ingredients. Dr Michel Pistor (1924-2003), from France founded the field of mesotherapy, after diligent clinical research, in 1952.

Many people, who are facing hair loss problem, try to find out painless hair fall solution(s) that could reduce the turnaround time for natural hair growth following effective medical treatment.

You can also call this hair fall treatment as ‘non-needle mesotherapy’.

In the procedure, the principle of ‘electroporation’ is used, where pores of skin are opened using a heating system and therapeutic solutions — small quantities of natural extracts, homeopathic agents and vitamins — are allowed to penetrate the scalp. The pores are, thereafter, closed using a cooling system.

This promotes hair growth in the best turnaround time possible.

Types of Hair Loss that Can Be Treated with Mesotherapy

However, it is imperative to evaluate one’s health status and treat any underlying ‘triggers’ for hair loss, such as iron-deficiency, anaemia, or thyroid problems, before undergoing the procedure. Because, successful hair loss treatment outcomes depend on correcting the underlying ‘cause,’ or ‘trigger.’

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As a rule of the thumb, one would need ten sittings of non-needle mesotherapy — one sitting every week — for noticeable results to emerge. Although results usually become evident, after 4-5 weeks, it would be useful for one to continue with the procedure beyond the suggested schedule, for optimal hair fall treatment outcomes to emerge.

The only constraint is non-needle mesotherapy is not recommended in individuals having certain health conditions, such as:

  • Kidney and liver disease
  • Pregnancy and nursing
  • For individuals having cardiac pacemaker.

Advantages of Mesotherapy for Hair Loss

What makes non-needle mesotherapy a boon for individuals suffering from hair loss is that the procedure is–

  • Painless
  • Free of side-effects
  • No bleeding.

The procedure is not time-consuming — it takes just about half-an-hour for one to complete a session, or sitting.

Besides, the advantage of using homeopathic agents in non-needle mesotherapy is manifold. Homeopathic agents cause no allergy, or hypersensitivity. They integrate naturally and completely into the tissues and they have accredited safety parameters and also efficacy of use.

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