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Losing hair while losing pounds? Check your nutrition.

Losing hair while losing pounds? Check your nutrition.

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Experiencing hair loss while losing weight? Yes, this is a common concern many individuals are found worrying about. With multiple weight reduction therapies being followed due to excessive growth of insecurities regarding one’s physique and exterior looks, you need a combination of a balanced diet and treatment which effectively reduces your weight but doesn’t shed off all the hair. Undergoing weight loss is a huge shock to the system. It causes a shift from the growth phase to the resting phase of your hair as well. This shift from the regressive phase to the fall-out phase will invite a considerate amount of hair loss. It is evidently believed that the more weight you lose, the more hair loss you’ll experience. The treatment may effectively work for you and also shave off a lot of weight but it may leave you with consequences. The simple logic behind hair loss while undergoing weight loss treatments is simple. People on a weight loss diet confine themselves from excess intake of proteins and calories. A protein is to hair what food is to the body.  The deprivation of proteins and nutrients while following a strict dietary routine and supplements will cause hair loss. A rich and voluptuous mane always requires a diet filled with nutrition. Inadequacy of these essential nutrients makes your hair thirsty for nutrition until they breakout.

Intake of adequate proteins in the form of eggs, spinach, avocados, fruits, carrots, citrus fruits along with whole grains should undoubtedly be incorporated in your diet as they make a healthy contribution to your body.  Hair loss caused by the reduction in body weight is not an everlasting scenario.

Hair loss causes

There are several options you can choose to restart your hair growth once the weight loss treatment is completed. However, before that, it is significant to understand the factors causing hair loss. Some of these factors can be explained as under:

  • Stress: In this hastily driven lifestyle, hair loss causes always narrows down to stress. Under certain circumstances, hair loss doesn’t necessarily cause due to personal and professional conflicts and complications. Your body may take up stress due to the changing dietary plans and habits your weight loss methods compel you to follow.
  • Heredity:  More specifically found in male pattern baldness can run in the family across generations. 
  • Chronical disease: Complex diseases like thyroid may also cause a huge amount of hair loss. The conventional treatment to hyperactive thyroid can always result in hair loss.
  • Scalp: Having a dry, flaky and infectious scalp can inevitably cause hair loss. Scalp infections, including ringworm, can also be hugely responsible for hair loss.
  • Excess junk: Over-consumption of junk food can also cause hair loss as most of these foodstuffs contain substances which are too oily or deteriorate your immune system.
  • Mono dieting: This is a form of diet adopted by many where the individual completely avoids a certain kind of energy sources like carbohydrates, fats or nutrients. This will disturb your system as it is not a balanced diet.
  • Treatments and styling: Excessive styling and treatments on your hair may be responsible for the hair follicles to weaken causing hair damage. Along with styling, certain hair styles like excessive curling or perming are also equally responsible.

Hair loss and homeopathy

There are experts who can assure you that homeopathy can work wonders to prevent your hair loss. There are many hair loss solutions offered by homeopathy, adoption of which won’t cause any side effects. These solutions and treatments don’t let you rely on steroids. The family history, heredity, causes, symptoms and past history of every patient is carefully evaluated before arriving at a conclusion and suggesting one of the most technologically updated treatments blended perfectly with the science of homeopathy. Along with hair loss, homeopathy also offers weight loss treatments which will not result in excessive toxic hair loss.


Dr Batra's™ is an excellent provider of homeopathic treatments derived after personally careful evaluation of every individual with respect to psychological, physiological and hormonal causes of disease. Book your appointment today!

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