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Let’s Look at the Facts Behind Common Hair Colour Myths

Let’s Look at the Facts Behind Common Hair Colour Myths

Are you planning to colour your hair for the first time? Want to go for those fancy highlights but scared of all the hair colour myths online? Don’t worry. Here’s a list of the top hair colour myths and the facts behind them. Go ahead and have a fabulous hair day!

Myth #1 Colouring my hair will damage it severely.

The Facts. Colouring your hair will not damage it anymore than styling products or using heat based devices such as a hair tong. It’s simply not true that hair dye alone is a cause of hair loss.  Just make sure that you choose an ammonia-free hair colour brand. Ammonia damages the delicate hair cuticles and this leads to brittle hair strands. A good hair colour brand will be ammonia-free and perfectly safe to use.

Myth #2 Buying fancy hair colour shampoos is a waste of money.

The Facts. Coloured hair requires special care. So, the next time your stylist hands you a special shampoo and conditioner pack post your hair colour, you should definitely pick it up. Hair colour fades with every wash and the products are designed to lock the colour into your cuticles and they do make sure you get your money’s worth.

Myth #3 Colouring hair in summers will make it fade sooner.

The Facts. This one is true and it’s not just during summers. UV rays can make your hair colour fade during winters too. Therefore, invest in a good shampoo and conditioner that are designed for coloured hair. In addition, during summers, prevent unnecessary exposure to harmful rays by covering your hair with a scarf or wearing a hat.

Myth #4 Colouring your hair will make it go grey sooner.

The Facts. Grey hair is based on genes and lifestyle. Colouring does not accelerate the growth of grey hair. Sometimes when your colour fades, you may notice a grey strand of hair more prominently. This might make you believe that colouring causes grey hair.

Myth #5 Henna is better than hair colour

The Facts. This is one of the most common hair colour myths.Your local beautician might have told you that henna is better and safer than hair colour. This is partially true. If you make henna at home, the natural ingredients that go into it, are good for your hair. However, if you plan to purchase henna available in the market, finding a chemical free one would be a hard task indeed. Many henna brands contain an excess of chemicals and leave your hair looking a strange red or even orange shade.

Myth #6 Don’t shampoo your hair before a colour

The Facts. This one is true. Shampooing your hair before a colour strips your scalp off its natural oils. If you absolutely must, run your hair under the shower and towel dry it to feel fresh. Don’t be afraid to show up at your stylist’s with a slightly dirty scalp.

Myth #7 Never straighten or colour curled hair

The Facts. Colour does dry your hair a bit and it is therefore advised to wait at least a week, after your colour, before you decide to get any permanent straightening hair fall treatments done. The chemicals and heat involved in hair straightening dry your scalp further. This may make your hair brittle. Do remember to use the products your stylist advises you to, to ensure the best results.

Myth #8 Never colour your hair during pregnancy

The Facts. Hair colour does contain chemicals that are absorbed into the body in miniscule proportions. This being said, it is safe to colour your hair during pregnancy. Opt for an ammonia free colour brand and if you still feel unsure, wait until your second trimester before colouring. If you plan to colour your own hair, wear gloves to protect your skin pores from absorbing chemicals.

Myth #9 Hair dye causes dandruff

The Facts. If you have a sensitive scalp, hair dye may cause it to dry and itch. The itching will leave some flakes on your scalp. This may be mistaken for dandruff; however, these flakes are merely dry skin.  If you already have a dandruff condition prior to colouring your hair, the chemicals in the dye may worsen your dandruff.

Myth #10 Colour takes a few days to ‘settle’ in

The Facts. Hair dye sets in a couple of minutes to half an hour. The reason this myth is so popular is because it often takes a few days for people to get used to a new hair colour. Especially for those who have undergone a radical change.

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