Homeopathy treatment of tonsillitis

Homeopathy treatment of tonsillitis

Sore throats and mild bouts of tonsillitis can respond really well to homeopathic treatment if caught early. However, the recurrent or chronic condition will require constitutional treatment for tonsillitis to get a satisfactory resolution and homeopathy does work well in this area.

In a majority of the cases, tonsillitis treatment in homeopathy is effective but can be slow, as with the glands that sometimes pop up like beads in the neck of little children. This is because homeopathic treatment of tonsillitis targets the root cause of the ailment and reduces the frequency of the disorder. Its aim is to improve the immunity of the patient and thus provides long-term benefits rather than simply controlling the acute infection. Thus, people suffering from tonsillitis who opt for timely and regular homeopathic treatment have a reduced need for antibiotics or may even be able to avoid the same completely.

Let’s have a look at it on a broad-spectrum. When antibiotics are used to treat tonsillitis, only bacteria gets killed. Tonsils are evidently our first line of defense. They act as filters, trapping germs that could otherwise enter the airways and cause infection. They also produce antibodies to fight infection. Tonsils can sometimes get inflamed when affected by bacteria or viruses; when they swell and get inflamed, and hence, we get affected from ‘tonsillitis’. Once, a person suffers from tonsillitis, our entire body cycle leads to a weak or compromised defense system - as the ‘two sacs’ of lymphatic tissue located at the back of the throat are now more ‘open’ to bacterial incursions.

Therefore, the next time you are affected by tonsillitis, you will need a larger dose of antibiotics. This may lead to ‘resistance’ to antibiotics; they may also stop working sooner than later. It is a vicious cycle and you can say a major ‘drawback’ of conventional treatment for tonsillitis. The condition gets worse when tonsillitis becomes recurrent or chronic in nature. In such case, individuals are treated with powerful doses of antibiotics, which kills bacteria, but only on the ‘surface.’ Some may also go down, sneaking-in through the weak fortress, or defense. They could, in the process, affect the bronchus and the lungs.

Whereas, regular tonsillitis treatment with homeopathic medicines ensures that the patient gets lesser attacks of tonsillitis and even when they do occur, they are not as severe and are easily controlled with proper medication. Another plus point about homeopathy treatment is that it doesn’t have any side-effects and thus is completely safe and non-toxic. For an effective and safe solution to acute, chronic or recurrent tonsillitis, homeopathy is indeed the best.

In one of the research studies conducted on 107 patients of acute tonsillitis, all the cases were treated with homeopathic medicines and no antibiotics were used. In as less as two and a half days after starting tonsillitis treatment, a significant reduction in the symptoms of acute tonsillitis was seen in the patients. No side-effects were reported at all in any of the cases. This study thus concluded that acute tonsillitis can be successfully and safely treated with homeopathy.

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