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The highest cases of tonsillitis occur in children aged 5-15 years and can also cause multiple episodes of tonsillitis throughout life. The pain from tonsillitis can be agonizing not just for the child but cause many sleepless nights for parents too. So what is tonsillitis?

As the tonsils glands are the guardians of the immune system they trap a lot of germs to help prevent your child from getting sick. Sometimes this continuous functioning and being the first line of defense can make them vulnerable to infections leading to swelling and inflammation of the tonsils gland.

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The infections caused could be either viral or bacterial but it is rare for a fungus and parasite to cause tonsillitis. In some, allergens such as artificial colour, preservatives, cold or sour food can also be the trigger. Environmental triggers like change in weather, exposure to pollens and air pollutants can trigger episodes of tonsillitis.

Entire body is affected with a weakened defense system. A number of which can be accompanied by a number of tonsillitis symptoms. Sore throat, coughing, sneezing, fever, chills, headache or muscle aches are few of the common symptoms.

Is your child hungry and yet refusing to eat? Fever and chills? Notice an infected sore throat? – This could be worrying telltale signs that you may need to get your child’s tonsils checked.

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At times these tonsillitis symptoms can also lead to further complications for which the conventional treatment resorts to antibiotics and painkillers. While these only suppress the symptoms temporarily, repeated use of antibiotics can lead to resistance requiring stronger dosage or even lead to surgery.

With one in five children who undergo a tonsillectomy face complication later, it doesn’t prove to be a perfect solution either. The most common complications include breathing difficulty, bleeding, deformations, and so on. Reasons to conduct a tonsillectomy remain in the gray area as each patient and each situation varies. Tonsillitis cannot go away on its own and needs proper attention.

Tonsillitis treatment in homeopathy takes an extended mind and body approach treating every individual as unique. It ensures that the frequency of the attack is lowered and if they do occur, the attacks are not as severe. Homeopathy aims to boost body’s own defense system and allows the body to fight infections. It can also help in preventing the need for any surgery.

Here are some tips to help you prevent infecting tonsils:

Drink plenty of water- Frequently drinking water can keep the mouth moist reducing bacteria build up.

Salt water gargle- This prevents food particles, mucus and bacteria and can help ease tonsillitis pain.

Prepare kadha- To soothe the pain consume kadha with honey, ginger, tulsi and kali mirch.

Taking such small preventive steps can help you ease the pain but for a natural, safe and long-term relief Book an appointment today and let our homeopathic experts take over.

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