It’s a dirty, dirty world out there. We are breathing or ingesting more and more toxins than our body is designed to process and expel. So much so, the liver, not to speak of the kidney, is overburdened and stressed to remove our toxic burden and function efficiently.

Blame it too on excess, unwanted, or strong medications, food additives, artificial colours and refined foods — they all tend to accumulate in the body and add to our toxic burden. They hamper the complete breakdown of toxins, no less. This is not all. Thanks to a glut of newer, multifarious additives, pesticides and trans-fatty-acids, our body does not easily recognise them. The result is toxic overload that may slowly affect our health and clog our arteries.

There are a host of homeopathic remedies that have the therapeutic ability in them to cleanse, drain and detoxify our body and restore our optimal health and well-being. As a rule, most professional homeopathic doctors would advice their patients to take a single remedy, or a combination of remedies, and go through the ‘riddance procedure’ at least once every year.

A homeopathic detox plan does not require one to fast, or opt for a crash diet programme. Most homeopathic doctors would, again, recommend that you eat a wholesome, sattvic [pure; sentient] diet with lots of fresh, organic vegetables, while avoiding the use of meat, synthetic additives, refined foods, or preservatives. Cigarette, tobacco, alcohol, caffeine and aerated drinks, are also a big ‘no.’

The most important steps in the homeopathic detox process are as follows:

  • Hydrate yourself well — drink at least 2-3 litre of filtered water every day during the detox process
  • Sleep well, perform moderate exercises and minimise stress — they all help in detox
  • Incorporate certain detox adjuncts — along with select homeopathic remedies — for example, sauna, skin cleansing, and nutritional supplements, such as vitamin C.

It is imperative too for one to ascertain from a professional homeopath as regards the duration or length of a detox programme that is relevant to one’s individual needs. Should you feel ill, or suffer from headache, or constipation, during a detox plan, consult your homeopath immediately. You should also speak to your homeopath in order to know which bodily systems are involved in flushing out toxins, or what symptoms to expect during the detox process and take care of them.


A kidney detox is ideal if you have dark circles under your eyes, or painful, urgent or frequent urination.


A liver detox plan is recommended if you suffer from constipation, poor digestion, fatigue, bad breath, or sore breasts before periods.


A lymphatic detox is advised if you have sore and bulbous tissue, just under the skin, swollen lymph nodes and aching soft tissues.


A bowel detox is helpful if you suffer from alternating constipation or diarrhoea, leaky gut syndrome, allergies and food sensitivities, or compromised immune function.


You will need a lung and sinus detox if you have chronic breathing problems, such as respiratory allergies, asthma and bronchitis, or suffer from chronic cough, or sinusitis.


A skin detox programme is useful if you report of persistent skin allergies, acne [pimples], atopic dermatitis [eczema], hair loss, dry skin and rashes, body odour [BO], excessive, or colliquative, sweating.


A homeopathic detox plan involves the use of low potency plant and mineral remedies to open up the detox process and also stimulate it to work more efficiently — at the mind, body and energy levels.

Homeopathic detox is aimed to primarily help the body to recognise what is being ‘stored’ within as toxins.

Homeopathic remedies arouse our latent, innate intelligence, or immunity, safely — this helps us to realise there is something that is not an essential part of our natural physiology. During such a process, the toxins are passed out through the cell walls into the blood and lymph systems — they are, thereafter, flushed out of the system.

Most professional homeopaths would recommend the kidneys and the liver as a good place to start a detox plan, because the two are the key organs that ‘filter’ blood. The liver is the organ where toxins are converted to non-toxic soluble substances and excreted.

It is imperative, however, that appropriate homeopathic detox remedies are best prescribed and monitored by a professional homeopathic doctor — for safe, effective, long-term results.

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