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Hypothyroidism - Treatment

Homeopathy offers great scope in the treatment of hypothyroidism for several reasons. Hypothyroidism is a chronic, progressive disease which is incurable. All that is possible through conventional treatment is to keep symptoms under control. However, in due course, symptoms of hypothyroidism along with disturbance in bodily functions, such as menstrual irregularities, weight gain and mood swings, continue despite taking a regular dose of thyroid medicines. In some cases, it is also observed that the dosage needs to be increased with time. Homeopathy treats hypothyroidism with safe, natural medicines, without any side-effects. The medicine is selected by paying attention to the patient’s mental state and other physical characteristics that are specific to them. Homeopathy is a very exclusive treatment option in the sense that it treats each case as unique, because the degree of symptoms and disturbance of emotions may vary from case to case. Homeopathy tries to treat illnesses with deep-acting, constitutional homeopathic medicines.

Why Dr Batra’s™?

Hypothyroidism is a chronic, progressive disease that affects multiple systems and organs of the body with the progress of time. Treating this kind of illness is a challenge in itself for any doctor. It disturbs functions of the body at multiple levels; namely, metabolism, menstrual function, sleep, etc. At Dr Batra’s™, we have a team of experts from the departments of homeopathy as well as endocrinology, who work as a team to plan the treatment for the best possible outcome for patients. Cases are studied in depth and detailed consultation is undertaken. We have a team of experts monitoring backhand how the treatment is progressing. Our endocrinologists help us diagnose complicated cases and suggest a required diet and allopathic treatment monitoring, if necessary.

What to expect from Dr Batra’s™ homeopathic treatment for hypothyroidism

  • controlling symptoms such as weakness and fatigue
  • controlling weight gain and obesity problems related to hypothyroidism
  • controlling menstrual irregularities
  • decreasing high TSH levels
  • reducing the dosage of allopathic thyroid medicines and, in some cases, complete withdrawal of thyroid medicine
  • achieving a feeling of wellbeing and good mental state
  • controlling progress of the disease and preventing other complications of hypothyroidism

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