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Uniqueness of Homeopathy

Homeopathy, a holistic healing system, has always recognised diseases to be having both physical and psychological components. This truth has been accepted by modern medicine only recently. Also, the fact that diseases are not caused by the mere presence of disease-causing organisms in the internal or external environment, but rather due to the weakening of the body’s defence mechanisms, was propounded in homeopathy long before the microscope was invented, or the discovery of microbes.

Paradigm Shift

There has been a paradigm shift in recent years with healthcare and medical professionals focusing on preventive medicine along with therapeutic medicine. The concept of working towards developing an overall sense of well-being in individuals is gaining ground rather than merely keeping people disease free. Since homeopathic remedies boost the natural defence mechanisms of the body, they play a vital role in preventive medicine. Studies have shown that a large number of illnesses are actually due to faulty dietary habits or erratic lifestyles. Simple things such as reverting to healthy eating, resting adequately, and exercising regularly can go a long way in restoring health.    

Homeopathy Works

The inability to explain how homeopathic medicines worked evoked scepticism from conventional physicians for a long time. However, homeopathy is now being explained on the basis of quantum physics, bioenergetics and molecular memory. The allegation that homeopathic medicines with strength above 12C acted as placebo as not even a single molecule of the original medicinal substance remained in the dilution was another conventional ‘salvo.’ The use of spectroscopy and Thin Layer Chromatography [TLC] has made it possible to actually tell the amount of the medicinal substance present in homeopathic remedies and also differentiate between them in their various potencies.

Homeopathic Advantage

Homeopathy treats patients individualistically by virtue of the diversity of its repertoire. In so doing, it provides both relief and long lasting cure safely, reliably, painlessly, non-invasively, and cost-effectively. Unlike medicines from other medical systems that target only the disease-causing germs, or aim at providing symptomatic relief, homeopathic medicines act upon the immune system and restorative energies of the body so that it heals itself. Unlike other systems that simply suppress symptoms and treat the body in bits and pieces, homeopathy recognises the body as a unified whole and confronts health problems from deep within. Homeopathic remedies are easy to take with no special dietary or lifestyle restrictions, unless a particular illness calls for such measures.

Your Homeopath: Friend, Philosopher & Guide

A homeopath is not just a physician. They inevitably become a family friend, guide, and confidante.

The homeopathic case record is as good as the biography of the patient, which can be used as a powerful tool to look into the past, to diagnose and treat the present malady, as well as predict what could possibly be in store for a patient, health-wise, in the future.

Studying the evolution of the disease in every case further offers great insight for your homeopathic doctor into the development of illness, or disease, its prevention and homeopathic treatment.

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