There’s a glitzy buzz of living in big cities. Yet, city life is quite like Bollywood’s most famed flicks — a story of people leaving their homes in search of riches.

Urban life is no ‘Paradise Found.’ From violence and terrorism to bacteria lurking in your bathroom. From pressure to perform. From allergies to loneliness. From pollution to noise, you have them all in full measure. If we test ourselves, we may find a number of toxic chemicals, and other pollutants, in our body. Well, we aren’t yet talking of stress, respiratory illnesses, high blood pressure, diabetes, or arthritis.

Too much of ‘urbania’ on television has robbed us of spending quality time with family and friends. TV has also replaced physical activity and social interaction... while lazing on the sofa. The result is: depression, overweight issues, and poor school performance in children. Besides, we have trouble with teenagers emulating TV characters, not to speak of their behaviours. Some examples are: aggression, eating disorders, sexual excesses, and drug abuse.


Homeopathy is mind-body medicine. It highlights that most illnesses start in the mind, with physical manifestations, as a result of the individual compromising with the natural laws, including the environment.

Homeopathy treats and corrects the body’s internal environment — the real ‘seat’ of illness. It addresses the demands of our hectic, high-tech daily life. Remember, it’s easy to forget about our body's need for balance. This loss of balance can lead to stress and illness. Homeopathy aims to restore this balance and increase our vitality and energy — of leading a life of optimal well-being.

Homeopathy also aims to make our life better at our emotional and physical levels. It is about sleeping well at night and expressing a harmonious ‘connect,’ during the day. Put simply, homeopathy can provide natural, safe, holistic solutions for today's increasingly complex urban ailments, without side-effects.

There is a homeopathic remedy, for instance, extremely useful for people living a high life — fast-food, excess medications, alcohol, and smoking. Likewise, there is another remedy most useful for people who present with stress-induced high blood pressure. For dust-related allergies, a homeopathic remedy is similarly quite handy, while another addresses most health concerns of overweight individuals.

Homeopathy is customised medicine; it does not have one, single remedy for any given illness. A remedy that suits the individual’s unique pattern of symptoms best is the remedy that works best. This is ideally achieved in an office consultation with a professional homeopathic physician.

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