Help yourself stay well with asthma

 Help yourself stay well with asthma

When you think of asthma, you picture a coughing, wheezing individual who seems to be perpetually ill. But it need not be so. If you take the right medicines in the right way and properly manage it, you can be a part of all the activities that your family and friends are involved in, without feeling left out. There are lots of proven, simple things you can do to give yourself the best chance of living asthma symptoms free life.

So what can you do to make living with asthma disease, a painless and enjoyable experience? Here are some tips:

Acknowledge the Illness

If you have asthma, it is very important to first acknowledge and accept that you have the illness. Accepting the illness means going for regular medical checkups, taking medications on time and monitoring lung function by various tests like Spirometry & Peak Flow tests. It also means letting people around you know that you have asthma disease. This is especially important so that they will be able to help you in case you show symptoms of asthma attack.

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Identify your Asthma Triggers at Home/Office

One way to prevent you from getting asthma attack symptoms is to make your home and office dust and allergen free. The right air-conditioning in your home and office can reduce the entry of pollen and other allergens, besides controlling the humidity levels indoors. Make sure your house has furnishings that do not trap dust and use dust covers whenever possible. Minimise the use of carpets and wash linen regularly in hot water to get rid of dust mites. Pets, if any, should be bathed regularly and kept out of beds as their falling hair may aggravate your asthma symptoms.

Deal with Smoking

If you are a smoker and have been diagnosed with asthma disease, you simply have to stop smoking. Smoke acts as an irritant and also decreases the efficacy of the medication you take. It may also put you at risk of COPD and other bronchial diseases. Even second-hand smoke has the same effect and so it is necessary for you to ensure that smokers in your friend and family circles do not light up in your presence.

Eat Healthy

Proper nutrition is very important for a strong immune system. A diet rich in fruits and vegetables is good for asthma disease. Fruits and vegetables contain anti-oxidants which boost up the immune system. Load up on the Vitamins to boost your immune system and omega-3 fatty acids to keep symptoms of asthma at bay. Avoid foods rich in fats so as to avoid obesity. Being over-weight worsens the symptoms of asthma and can lead to other health issues as well.

Exercise to Keep Fit

One might think that if you have asthma disease, you should not exercise. But that is far from the reality. Regular exercise strengthens the heart and the lungs, reducing the symptoms of asthma. Although, it is advised to keep your doctor informed about your activities, so that he/she may guide you whenever and wherever needed. Your doctor may guide you on what kind of exercises should an asthma patient can do, depending upon your severity of the condition. Generally, exercises that involve short periods of exertion like swimming, aerobics and walking can be done by asthma patients.

Even, the record books are filled with athletes, football players, and swimmers who overcame asthma on their way to victory. Some developed asthma as children; others were already at the top of their game. Either way, asthma didn’t stop them from achieving success on the track, field, court—or in the pool. Read more to know: Suffering from Exercise-induced Asthma? Homeopathy Can Help You

Avoid Stress

Stress, anxiety or any strong emotion - they are popularly known to trigger the symptoms of asthma in adults, children, and women. This happens because of change in our regular breathing pattern. During stressed situation, our breathing speeds up and become irregular; we might take short quick breaths through our mouths (this air hasn't passed through our nose; it hasn't been warmed, so it hits our airways while it's dry and cold). Therefore, just remember this quote – ‘worry less, smile more’ and live healthier, happier, and asthma symptoms free life.

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So, don’t let the wheeze of asthma strangle your zest for life. Take early asthma treatment to cope with it and manage the disease properly by making certain lifestyle changes.

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