Hell Loss of Hair

 Hell Loss of Hair

Young age of 22 and I love to style my hair. I was very eager to get a straight look for my hair. I went to my regular salon and got this wish fulfilled without knowing what it would cost me. First few days I was super happy with the new look but I soon regretted my decision when after a month I could just see my hairfall like crazy. It was a Hell loss of hair. I rushed to my favourite homoeopathic doctor and she said the reason was the chemical treatment which damaged the hair shaft and made my hair weak. I could never take a chance as I loved my hair and started taking the medicines she prescribed. Slowly and steadily my condition improved and I regained all my lost hair.


Hair straightening process gives your hair a super silky celebrity look but it can also make you lose a lot of hair. Hair straightening is a process where the chemical bonds in your hair are broken, re-arranged and bonded back again permanently using strong chemicals. Beauty comes with a price. Hair is irreversibly altered after straightening process. In addition, chemically treated hair shafts get weaker and fracture more easily. This can trigger hair loss. Besides, the process can also triggers burns on the skin and scalp, if not done properly or repeated too frequently. Hair can damage beyond repair if the chemicals are left on the hair for too long or ironing is done at 180 degree centigrade.


Homoeopathy for Chemically Treated Hair

It may shock you that how would homeopathy help in chemically treated hair? But, homeopathy does have a solution for chemically treated hair. It has specific medicines which are given soon after the treatment is done so that it could counter effect the damage caused to the hair shaft because of the harsh chemicals.

Homoeopathy has no side-effects.

Homeopathy would also keep the hair fall post these chemical treatments under control.



Self Help

Avoid using blow dryers on straightened hair. Avoid hot irons too, but if you must, use a hair serum generously before ironing.

Use conditioner regularly. Oil your hair every once a week.

Do not use chemical colours on rebounded hair, as it’s highly prone to chemical damage.

Use protection while stepping out in the sun. Wear a hat, use an umbrella or a scarf to cover your head and protect it from sun damage.

Trim hair regularly since split ends occur easily in chemically treated hair and can travel quicly up the hair shaft.

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