Transforming the future of
homeopathic healing with Geno Homeopathy


How will Geno Homeopathy help patients?

Precise targeting for better & faster treatment results
Personalized treatments that are unique to an individual and in sync with homeopathy
Preventive as homeopathy can offer treatments free from side effects
Predictive as signs & symptoms of an ailment can show up 15-20 years before they do in a blood test

Benefits of Geno Homeopathy

  • Research suggests that homeopathic medicines have the ability to alter the genes and correct any underlying illness.
  • It is worldwide known that homeopathy treats illnesses without any side-effects.
  • Research has already been done to show that homeopathic remedies can act and change the profile of genes. 

Why Dr Batra’s™ Geno Homeopathy?

  • Geno Homeopathy is available only at Dr Batra’s™
  • Better, faster, treatment results
  • Cost effective 
  • Holistic treatment suggested to our patients that is customized as per their genetic make-up
  • Patients are also advised on diet, nutrition and lifestyle changes to enhance treatment outcome

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