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Finding the right asthma treatment
Finding the right asthma treatment
Finding the right asthma treatment

Finding the right asthma treatment

Surviving a life with asthma is quite challenging. When an individual suffering from asthma has an attack, it can be a terrifying moment. At that spur of the moment it seems whether the condition will ever become normal again. You try all possible methods to avoid the attacks by trying many home remedies but you end up landing at your doctor’s clinic or the emergency section of a hospital when the attack gets too worse.

The prime symptoms of asthma  are coughing followed by shortness of breath, tightness of chest and wheezing or whistling sounds from the chest. The symptoms of asthma may get worse and the frequency of attacks keeps increasing.

Causes of asthma

Asthma is a chronic condition in which the airways swell whenever they come in contact with an allergen and bring on an attack of asthma. You can develop asthma if it is in your genes or if you are suffering from a weak immune system and are allergic to certain things.

An attack of asthma is generally triggered by cold weather or cold foods. When the reason is cold weather, the individual would prefer staying indoors most of the time to avoid an attack of asthma. When the individual stays indoors there are other household triggering factors which bring about symptoms of asthma. Indoor triggering factors like molds, dust mites or pet dander may bring on an attack of asthma.

Finding the right asthma treatment

Don’t let the cold weather set a fear of developing an attack of asthma. Asthma treatment may need a combination approach.

Conventional asthma treatment includes use of bronchodilators in the form of tablets and inhalers which ease the airways immediately. But when effect of these tablets and inhalers wear off, it would bring about another attack of asthma. The frequency of attacks and bronchodilators may keep increasing day by day.

Homeopathic treatment is the best treatment for asthma. Homeopathic treatment for asthma would help you have longer disease free periods.

Homeopathic treatment varies for every individual suffering from asthma. It is prescribed after taking a detailed case history.

Homeopathic medicines also help to deal with underlying emotional stress and a weak immune system which could bring about an attack of asthma.

Gradually the intensity and frequency of the attacks will go down and the dependency on conventional medicine will also reduce to a great extent with the help of homeopathic medicine for asthma.

If homeopathy is considered as the choice of treatment in the early stages of asthma and allergy then the overall control of the disorder would be much better.

Combined approach for asthma treatment would include homeopathic medicine with lifestyle changes.

Lifestyle changes include identifying and keeping away from triggering factors like perfumes, foods which cause asthma, dust, stop smoking, using de-stressing techniques like yoga or meditation, keeping your house free from pets or animal dander or atleast keeping your pet clean by bathing it once or twice a week. The skin of the animal has a particular type of a protein which is allergic for humans and can bring about an attack of asthma.

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