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Is a fad diet one of the causes of hairloss

Is a fad diet one of the causes of hairloss

An overweight individual will always want to lose weight in the easiest and fastest way. All sorts of fancy diets are available on the internet. A fad diet is the one which is very stylish and it promises drastic weightloss within few days. These diets advocate not more than 600 to 800 calories of food consumption per day. For healthy weight; a person is supposed to consume adequate amount of calories depending on the age, height and weight of the individual.

Let us take a look into what are fad diets…

Fad diets are divided into 5 major categories:

  1. Fasting diet: The most common example of this diet is the “Juice Fasting” diet. An individual following this diet would not consume any solid food. They would only consume fruit and vegetable juices through the day.
  2. Liquid diet: This type of diet advocates replacement of a meal with a liquid like a protein drink.
  3. Food-specific diet: This type of diet advocates eating the same food through the day like the “Grapefruit diet”, which is famous amongst Hollywood stars.
  4. High-fibre diet: This diet advocates eating foods high on fibre like having more of raw vegetables.
  5. Low-carb diet: This diet advocates eating foods that are low on carbohydrates through the day. “Dukan diet” is the best example of a low-carbohydrate diet.

All the above mentioned diets could definitely help you lose weight fast but would also help you lose your hair. They could prove dangerous in a few cases. As always said, too much of anything is not good.

Every human requires 2 types of nutrients, namely the macronutrients and micronutrients for the normal functioning of the cells of the body. Macronutrients include carbohydrates, proteins, fats, water and fibre. Micronutrients include vitamins and minerals. When any of these are avoided in the regular normal diet then your body starts showing signs and symptoms like fatigue, skin dryness, muscle cramps or hairloss.

Yes a fad diet is one of the causes of hairloss  as you are malnourished when you are following any of the above mentioned diets. In a bid to lose weight fast you may end up not only loosing hair but even the skin could start aging faster. When you would stop following a fad diet, you could gain all the weight that you had lost and maybe even more. Fad diets also cause stress on the body as the body uses up its reserves to meet the deficit of nutrients caused by the fad diet. It could even lead to psychological disorders like anxiety or depression.

Here are important tips to help you lose weight as well as keep your hair healthy:

  1. Protein is the major component of the hair. Include adequate amount of proteins in your daily diet. It will help to keep your stomach fuller for long and help you gain lean muscles while keeping your hair intact.
  2. Eating enough calories for the day is very important. Eating fewer calories means eating fewer nutrients which will cause hairloss.
  3. Include good amount of fruits, vegetables and whole grains in your diet for the day. Eating smaller portions of food at shorter intervals will help your stomach to understand what you have eaten and to utilize the same for the normal functioning of the body cells. This would not only help to boost your metabolism and help you lose weight but will also help your hair to be healthy.

If you are still suffering from hairloss, then consult your treating doctor to rule out the cause of hairloss other than your diet so that your doctor can help you with the appropriate treatment for hairloss.

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