Does homeopathy cure PCOS?

Does homeopathy cure PCOS?

Hi, I’m Ashita! This is my story of suffering from Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. As a senior in high school, I was no longer menstruating and had developed other physical manifestations that were very unsettling. Unsightly dark hair developed over my upper lip and began to sprout on my chin. While I was obviously not happy about this, I simply thought it was a matter of heredity and just one more reason not to make eye contact. Around this time, my mother would frequently fuss at me about having a dirty neck and elbows. I would scrub and scrub, but it just wouldn't go away. Years later, after being diagnosed with PCOS, I learned that this was actually an early sign of a hormonal disorder! So now I was not only physically a disaster, but I also felt "dirty." Something was very wrong, but no doctor had picked up on it during my yearly physicals. My mother and I were always told during medical visits that my hormones were still adjusting and I needed to lose weight and take skin treatments. Neither of us ever thought to question the judgment of medical professionals.

Finally, at the age of nineteen, after a year without having a period, when I shared my problem with one of my friends’ mom, she recommended me to try homeopathy. During her teen years, she was distressed with the same condition and homeopathy helped her relieve the symptoms permanently. I agreed that I was now an adult female and this problem really needed to be addressed. I received the customized homeopathic treatment for polycystic ovarian syndrome. Menstruation that month was no less than a nightmare. Eventually, the bleeding ceased and life returned to "normal".

After a few months, my periods became regulated and I thought at least the problems related to that part of my life were now solved. I really had no idea that the irregular bleeding, facial hair growth, thickened-dark skin and sudden weight gain were related or that I was suffering from the effects of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome.

With the knowledge that I gained about polycystic ovarian syndrome treatment in homeopathy, I can say that there is hope that teenage females dealing with the symptoms and physical manifestations will no longer have to suffer in the dark. No young woman should be told today that going months, even years without menstruating is normal.

Even if a young woman in her teens is diagnosed with PCOS, there is no need to panic and get confused about what is the best treatment for polycystic ovarian syndrome. Conventional ovarian cyst treatment aims at restoration of the typical symptoms along with dietary therapy and/or use of contraceptive pills but the downside is that they provide just temporary relief and increases drug dependency.

Research has shown that polycystic ovarian syndrome treatment in homeopathy offers better results when compared to conventional treatment. The ‘root cause’ of PCOS lies in the hormonal disturbance. Homeopathy corrects the hormonal disturbance and brings about harmony, without the risk of side-effects. It also helps to avoid the use of surgical procedures, while bringing about regularization of menstrual cycles, while increasing the chances of conception.

In a clinical study on a group of women suffering from PCOS, fitting the emotional picture of the homeopathic remedy, Pulsatilla 30C, a majority of women had complete disappearance of symptoms of PCOS, followed by the production of normal ovulating follicles (Source: Sanchez-Resendiz J, Guzman-Gomez F, Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, Boletin, Mexicano de Homeopatica). It is, however, imperative to take homeopathic treatment for polycystic ovarian syndrome from a professional homeopathic doctor for the best results.

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