Difference between normal hair loss and advancing male pattern baldness

Difference between normal hair loss and advancing male pattern baldness

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February 17, 2020

Let me paint you a picture: “It has been a rough couple of weeks, you are feeling low, you get a cool haircut and now you feel better.” Sound familiar?? Nothing influences your personality the way your hair does. A new hairdo not only changes your look but it also brings in a new perspective towards daily hassles. Hair loss can be daunting for any individual no matter how tough you are. Probably everybody at some point in their life has googled "hair doctor near me", am I right??

It is a very common condition ranging from just a few strands of hair to a very severe disorder with patients losing most to all of their hair. Statistics show nearly 40% loss rate from the age of 35 in men, increasing up to 80% by the time they reach 80. In women, it goes to 80% as early as 65 years of age. Today we take a look at a particular condition called advancing male pattern baldness.

Male pattern baldness

Male pattern baldness, also known as androgenic alopecia is a common disorder affecting nearly up to 50% of men post-puberty.  Men with this condition experience a receding hairline, progressive thinning of hair at the top of the head and the temple as well. The severity, extent and the pattern of male baldness cannot be predicted. Earlier the occurrence of signs, more severe the condition is likely to become.


The primary cause of male pattern baldness is genetics and the presence of androgenic hormones. These hormones play a vital role in various characteristics you develop as a man like your voice, body hair, jawline etc. An individual is more susceptible to this condition if there is a rich history of baldness in the family. Other reasons include environmental factors like air pollution and medical conditions like diabetes. Studies show smoking is also a major trigger in this case.

Conventional treatment:

The most common type of treatment is oral medication. More often than not doctors will prescribe you with FDA approved steroids for your condition when you visit a hair clinic. There are topical creams as well which enhance hair growth. Needless to say, these medications come with their side-effects. These include irritation in the scalp, hair growth on unwanted places and an increase in heart rate. Pharmaceutical drugs for hair loss could also affect your sex life. A potential decrease in sexual drive is seen in most people taking these steroids.

There are also other approaches one might go for, like hair transplant surgery. Surgeries do not have a 100% success rate and are very expensive procedures. Wigs and hairpieces could be other alternatives but they are by no means a permanent solution. The patient might want to go for an effective solution like opting for homeopathic medicines for hair loss.

Homeopathy for male pattern baldness

Treating male pattern baldness with homeopathy is a sure-fire effective way. It follows a healthy approach by prescribing remedies from natural and organic substances. Homeopathy for male pattern baldness is not generic at all. Instead, it is customized by perusing through the entire medical history of an individual. Genes, other medical conditions, stress, trauma, environmental factors, lifestyle etc. everything is monitored. At Dr Batra’s™, homeopathic hair fall treatment targets the root cause and stimulates a balanced generation of androgenic hormones.

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Bottom line:

Hearing "hair loss" could strike fear into any person’s heart. It is imperative to seek help as soon as you notice signs. DO NOT panic, a hasty approach is not advisable. You can book an appointment with an expert homeopathic doctor at the nearest homeopathic hair clinic and follow your doctor's prescription diligently.

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