Dandruff and Hair loss – What’s the link?

Dandruff and Hair loss – What’s the link?

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 Dr. Batra's®  May 10, 2019

We may easily assume that the itchy flaking conditions associated with dandruff cause hair loss. But, how true is that? What is the real relationship? Let’s find out.

Life is full of little things that make your hair fall out - sickness, medication, and stress amongst the many culprits. When you think more about hair loss, you’re likely to think of ‘Dandruff’ - the kind of hair loss that comes from severe itching of the scalp. But, what comes first - your hair loss problem or embarrassing dandruff problem! This condition seems somewhat similar to chicken and egg in which one condition might beget the other.

Therefore, it seems logical to ask the question – “Can dandruff cause hair loss? Since both seem to be falling from the same place at the same time.      

Hair Loss and Dandruff connection

First, let’s look at this from a logical angle. If I were to eliminate my dandruff problem, would my hair stop falling out? About 50% of all people have dandruff at some time in their lives. And millions of dollars are spent each year on shampoos and ointments to eliminate dandruff. Though dandruff can be eliminated, many people do continue to lose their hair. This is because hair loss is not only caused due to dandruff. There are various things which cause hair loss – poor nutrition, crash dieting, poor circulation, stress, smoking, hormonal changes, etc.

So, what is common between hair loss and dandruff? Here is the answer -

Dandruff is a chronic and most common scalp condition presented in the form of white flakes which appear on the scalp. These flakes from the superficial skin layer made of dead skin cells result in itching. Vigorous scratching ultimately leads to hair fall.

Some studies dedicated to finding the link between dandruff and hair loss suggest that dandruff doesn’t cause hair loss directly; rather constant and aggressive scratching is the actual culprit behind it. As you often scratch your scalp to relieve itching, it weakens your hair roots causing your hair to fall out.

Treating both the conditions

Many of you might switch back and forth from a shampoo for hair loss to a shampoo for dandruff, but none of them gives you a permanent cure. The first and foremost thing to remember is keeping your scalp clean and to do that, you must wash your hair frequently in order to avoid a buildup of dandruff-triggering scalp oil and hair styling products that may aggravate the scalp. For this, you must get your scalp checked by a qualified doctor who can suggest you an appropriate shampoo and conditioner based on your individual symptoms.

And for DIY-ers out there, we must tell you that there are several natural remedies (often called as dadi-maa-ke-nuskhe) people have used to help get rid of dandruff-hair loss, including baking soda, apple cider vinegar and coconut oil. But you have to be very careful while using any of the said remedies. Not necessary that they would work for you. Even if your condition gets treated well, it may recur after some time. This is because – home remedies, conventional treatments or ointments do not tackle the hair problems from their root cause. These remedies may temporarily mask the symptoms of hair loss and dandruff, but can’t give you a permanent cure. So, what is the permanent solution for hair loss and dandruff? It’s Homeopathy!

Homeopathy treatment for hair loss and dandruff

Homeopathy is a system of medicine which treats hair loss and dandruff in the gentlest possible way. It does not remove those flakes only but it boosts your immune system for permanent solution. As a result, you will see -

  • reduction in itching and hence hair loss
  • reduction in dandruff
  • reduction in the intensity, frequency and duration of complaints.
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