Conquering Internal Fears and Diseases with Homoeopathy

Conquering Internal Fears and Diseases with Homoeopathy

A 32year old Seema was suffering of really bad acne. She was all the time worried regarding her looks. She was very worried as she felt that her husband had lost interest in her as her looks were going bad to worse. She would get easily irritated with her kids and would remove all her frustrations on them. She went to all possible skin doctors and would find improvement in her condition but would end up with worst acne when the medicines lost their effectiveness. Actually there was no problem with her husband. He was supportive of her. Seema herself was very low on confidence and had much insecurity and fears in life. As a result her body showed that in the form of bad acne. She was given homoeopathic treatment based on her case study. She was also asked to stand in front of the mirror and say this to herself daily “Everyday, in every way, I am getting better and better.” Homoeopathy not only helped her get rid of acne problem but she also could deal with her fears and insecurities in life more effectively. The exercise she was told to do helped her to bring back positivity in life and overcome her unwanted fears.

What is Fear and how does it affect your Body?

Love, joy, happiness, inspiration, adoration, grace are emotions reflecting nature, harmony and are very healing. Fear is lack of energy. Fear is always a feeling to be rejected because what you fear is just the thing that is likely to come to you. Fear always attracts the object of fear. Fear creates helplessness. Even if there is real danger, fear does not help. It doubts the intelligence, takes away the presence of mind and prevents one from seeing the right thing to do. Mother of all worries is fear. It is an excessive concern about one’s security. Fear of enemies, of old age, of death or of rejection is crippling. If your focus is the fear the endless worrisome events of the world just keeps feeding it. It creates a chronically high stress level and joy goes out of your life along with your health too. Every person’s body reacts differently when they are under fear and their body shows up diseases in different forms. Some may show skin diseases like acne or psoriasis or vitiligo or eczemas, some would face hairloss, some would suffer of heart ailments, some would develop thyroid problems and the list just goes on.

Finally good health starts with you. Make no judgments and accept everything what life throws at you. Retain the joy of being happy. Give up the need to know why things happen as they do. Trust that the unscheduled events of life are a form of spiritual direction. Move from fear to faith. Have the courage to make the choice we need to make, accept what we cannot change and have the wisdom to know the difference.

How Homoeopathy helps in conquering Fear and Diseases?

There are various methods of treating fears and diseases. Conventional medicines given in case of bad panic attacks have unpleasant side-effects and are addictive too. Conventional medicines only suppress the ailment and do not treat the disease from the roots. Homoeopathy is a holistic medicine. Any patient coming in with any pathological condition goes through detailed case- history sessions. Homoeopathic medicine believes in treating the root cause. The root cause to any disease is underlying fears and insecurities. Homoeopathy is not habit forming medicine. Homoeopathy also involves counseling of patient which helps them to deal with their day to day life more effectively. Homoeopathy has no side-effects. Any disease is caused by the derangement of the immune system due to various factors including psychological problems too. Homoeopathy helps to restore the deviated immune system back to normalcy without causing harm to any vital organs. Consulting a homoeopathic professional is always the best.

Self Help Tips

You are what you think. Watch your thoughts. So make your list of daily usage words with your own healthy meaning.

Getting quality sleep is also important for good health. So just switch off mobiles, laptops, computers, T.V’s 1 hour before bedtime to ensure that you are relaxed before you sleep. This not only helps to improve overall circulation of the body but also helps to repair the skin and hair.  

Do some breathing exercises when you feel you are anxious. It helps you to calm down. Say positive words to yourself.  

Take early morning sunlight as it helps produce happy hormones in the body and maintains healthy levels of Vit D3.

Undigested foods are highly toxic. Foods also play a major role in healing diseases. So eat foods which are easy to digest like salads, fruits, nuts, dry fruits, light grains like Bajra, Jowar and Makai.

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