Have You Fallen For These Common Hair Loss Myths?

Hair Loss
January 7, 2017

Somewhere along the way, we unfailingly believed that hair loss can only happen to older men and women. And then, news flash: hair loss is something that can happen to anyone at any stage of their lives. This, along with other old wives’ tales about hair fall control management, needs to come to a halt. Read on as we separate fan from fiction and debunk popular myths about hair loss and hair fall control:


1. Frequent Shampooing Causes Hair Loss


Shampoo has got nothing to do with your hair cycle. What’s more, some people who don’t shampoo their hair regularly feel they face hair loss condition more when they shampoo – this happens because of build-up in the hair, which ‘spurts’ collective hair loss. Best to wash twice a week, or, when your hair feels dirty!


2. Hair Loss Comes From The Mother's Side


There are approximately 200 genes that regulate hair and hair growth and baldness can come from either parent. If you have your father, grandfather, an uncle who’s bald or balding, all you need to do is ascertain when they began to lose, or lost their hair. This may provide you with some insights as to when you may also possibly go bald and will look after hair fall control solutions here and there.


3. Pluck One Grey Hair And Two Grow Back


Each hair follicle can reproduce only one hair after being plucked. Then what is the point in plucking your own hair and hurting yourself? In fact, plucking is a bad idea. Think about what happens when you over-pluck your eyebrows?? Too much plucking will create a bald spot instead.


4. Oiling the Hair Makes it Grow Thicker and Longer


Hair oil, as your grandmother would define, is a great Indian tradition – for generations, natural hair oils have been praised and assumed to be the best hair fall control solution. Hair oil helps improve the texture of hair and aids in conditioning. But, as far as hair growth is concerned, this is governed by other factors, such as nutritional status, hormones and general health. Oil actually plays no role in hair growth.


5. Shaving the head (mundane) makes a Child’s Hair Grow Thicker and Faster


Mundan is a religious Indian ceremony, in which hair of the new born is shaved off.

A lot of people believe that mundane makes the hair grow thicker and faster, but this is not true. The thickness and length of hair is pre-determined by your genes, not by rituals.


6. Rubbing Nails Controls Hair Loss and Helps Re-Growth of Hair


There is no scientific evidence to back this belief. Instead of losing time trying out such techniques, it is better to consult a trichologist who will diagnose the reason for hair loss in men and women and provide you with the best possible hair fall solution.


7. Brushing Your Hair 100 Times a Day Makes it Grow Faster


Definitely not! Brushing helps to an extent by spreading the natural oils over the complete hair strand. Excessive brushing may only add to your hair woes; it damages hair due to excess friction.


8. Wearing a hat strains hair follicles, causing hair loss


You must have heard someone telling you, caps are a reason for hair loss in men and women. The logic used is that, sweat and heat makes you lose hair. So, you ought to know that hair gets oxygen from the hair follicles and does not cause any damage. But a dirty and soiled cap can lead to hair infection and hair loss.


9. Standing on your head makes your hair grow


It may sound funny, but this is a commonly heard myth. Hair loss is not a blood flow problem, but instead can be caused by other factors like pollution and stress levels. Even if increased blood flow helped hair growth, you could not stay in that position long enough to have an effect on the hair follicles.


10. Wearing Ponytails and Braids Frequently Can Make Your Hair Fall Out


Pretty braids and sleek ponytails are super popular! So it’s too bad that sporting the styles too frequently can be unhealthy for your hair. But, you believe it or not, it’s true.

Do not continuously wear braids, cornrows, ponytails, and hair extensions. These styles pull on the hair and can cause tension that leads to breakage. If the tension continues, permanent hair loss can develop.


11. There's No Cure For Hair Loss


Last but not the least; this is a widely accepted myth. The problem with believing into myths is that it keeps you away from the reality i.e. true underlying cause of your hair loss. For example you may have developed an overactive thyroid gland at the same time as changing your shampoo. The temptation would be to blame the new shampoo, which would cause you to miss the true underlying cause of your hair loss, which you should look to treat. Therefore, don’t fall in the trap and believe in such myths. Instead, try homeopathy treatment for hair loss and get rid of the condition.

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