Asthma disease and Athletic performance

Asthma disease and Athletic performance

This story comes from an athlete, 44-years old Raunit. He was diagnosed with severe asthma disease at just 8 years old, a condition which affected him greatly throughout his life. Growing up, Raunit often avoided taking part in competitive sports, as well as endurance sports, as he felt he would not be able to keep up with his friends because of his asthma disease. Explaining about his problem, he says “For years having asthma disease prevented me from engaging in sports. Part of it was the physical problems, I’d run out of breath sooner than my friends. When I had symptoms of asthma attack it was embarrassing and I would need my inhaler to recover. This became a psychological problem later, as I was generally too worried and too unconfident (to take part in sporting activities).”


After struggling for many years with his condition, Raunit decided he no longer wanted his asthma disease to control his life and define his future. Asthma can be a very debilitating condition; however, it is also an extremely manageable condition once you are given the right advice and support; just like the support given by our homeopathic doctors to Raunit. He decided to set a goal for himself; before he turned 30 years old, he wanted to complete a marathon.


With the correct asthma treatment in homeopathy and proper management of the disease, Raunit was able to complete in not just one marathon, but he has completed 5 marathons. After his incredible performances with good physical well-being, he noticed an improvement in his emotional and mental health also.


Asthma posed a significant challenge for him to get fit, but this challenge was not insurmountable. He lost a lot of weight, increased his lung capacity, plus he started feeling energetic and active all the time. Taking up the right medical advice, asthma treatment in homeopathy and exercise pattern gave him the confidence he needed to play sports with friends, knowing that he could keep up with them very well.


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Playing sports while suffering from a condition like asthma is widely considered as one of the most difficult tasks to do. Raunit has obviously come a long way on his journey; after some medical guidance, support and commitment, he has taken complete control of his asthma disease. From someone who once avoided physical activity at all costs due to fear and anxiety, to becoming someone who is always willing to take up a marathon or cycling challenge from all age groups of people is an incredible achievement, and proves that asthma disease does not need to control you and your life. With the proper management plan in place, homeopathy for asthma, anyone can live a full and active life.


If you are thinking on to why take only homeopathy for asthma? Then, we must tell you that a homeopath can become your best bet to address the asthma disease. Because, asthma treatment in homeopathy treats the person, the individual, by taking a holistic outlook - it examines not just the symptoms one experiences during an attack, but also all the changes and variations that occur on the physical, mental and emotional levels. This helps to determine how a person’s health and well-being have been altered. Homeopathy for asthma analyses the hereditary factors and environmental triggers, too — to complete the individual’s constitutional portrait, while stimulating the individual’s immunity by treating the cause of the illness — and, not just the illness state or diagnosis.


Hence, there's no reason to stop playing sports or working out because you have asthma. Physical activities are great for everyone. As well as keeping you fit, exercise can strengthen the breathing muscles in the chest and help your lungs work better. It just takes careful management, homeopathic treatment for asthma, and proper training.


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