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Are you using the right shampoo?

Using the right shampoo is the most important aspect for having healthy hair. You may have dozens of shampoos for dry hair, normal hair, oily hair, volumizing shampoos, glossy, anti-dandruff, colour protect shampoos and many more. Each product claims to be better than the other competing to find a place in your shopping basket and later in your bathroom. How do you choose which one is better for you? Let me help you to choose the correct shampoo for you.

  • Firstly, choose a shampoo that has natural active ingredients that are safer for scalp than chemicals.
  • Select a shampoo that has been made for your type. Depending on weather you have dry hair, oily hair or a combination.
  • Ideally, your shampoo should have a pH close to 6.5, because this is the optimum pH of the scalp.
  • Keep in mind that the amount of lather does not determine whether the shampoo is working or not. Actually, the less lather, the better, because it means that the molecules shampoos are grasping more dirt and oils.
  • Coloured hair needs special care and protection from UV rays; there are special shampoos available in the market; if you have coloured hair, these have gentle cleansers.
  • Choose an anti-dandruff shampoo, if you have dandruff or a greasy scalp. Thuja Occidentalis is a natural and proven anti-dandruff agent.
  • For curly, coarse, frizzy hair, choose a clear shampoo that tames the frizz it helps to retain moisture in your hair.
  • For fine hair that is limp or oily, choose a creamy shampoo one that is mild and can be used daily.
  • For damaged or dry hair, use moisturizing shampoos; they help to smooth the hair and detangle easily.
  • For chemically treated hair (permed, straightened hair) use nourishing, creamy shampoos, since such hair is prone to damage and requires deep nutrition.
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