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All you wanted to know about Grey hair

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Hair going grey is a natural part of aging. Our hair follicle contains a certain number of pigment (melanin) cells. They give the growing hair shaft its colour- black, brown or blonde. When we get older the pigment cells in our hair follicle slowly wither. This leads to fewer pigment cells in the hair follicle because of which the hair strands no longer contain as much as melanin as before. The hair now wears a more transparent colour like grey, silver or white as it grows. Eventually the hair will look completely grey.

People can get grey at any age. Some people go grey at a very young age, even in their teens which is called premature greying of hair and is of great concern, whereas others may go grey-haired in their 30’s and 40’s. In some instances, it may take more than 12 years for all people’s hair to go grey. How early one gets affected with grey hair is determined by your genes. This is one reason why most of us start having grey hair around the same age that our parents or grandparents first did.

Other factors which could cause graying of hair are as follow:

Smoking: Smoking can cause your hair to prematurely grey. Smokers are more likely to develop grey hair than the non-smoking counterparts.

Dental whitening Products: The ‘whitener’ smile of your teeth whitening toothpaste is also said to blot your hair colour. A study has shown that even a tiny dose of hydrogen peroxide, found in teeth whiteners, can initiate melanocyte death which results is grey hair.

Pollution: Pollutants, chemical, ultraviolet (UV) light and free radicals are responsible for aging and tissue damage which impinge on melanin production, while impacting your hair’s natural pigmentation, triggering grey hair.

Hair Care Products: Strong chemical hair bleaches, dyes, conditioners and shampoos can contribute to greying of hair.

Thyroid: Thyroid disorders can lead to grey hair or diffuse grey hair at young age.

Vitiligo: This is a condition in which hair loses pigmentation in patches due to a decrease in melanin production. As a result, the hair follicles that grow after melanin loss have no colour. Hence, the grey appearance is only in those patches affected by vitiligo.

Stress: Emotional stress prompts a ‘bad’ chemical rush in our body, leading to melanin demise which results in grey hair.

Nutritional Deficiency: Lack of Vitamin B12 and folic acid can trigger grey hair, besides anaemia.

Treatment for Grey hair

The cause of greying of hair needs to be identified and treated. Greying according to age is still acceptable but premature graying of hair is a social and psychological stigma especially in girl child. Premature graying is where hair greys before the age of 30. Homoeopathy is a very safe way to halt the progress of grey hair. Homoeopathy can treat the factors leading to premature graying of hair very effectively. Homoeopathic medicines have no side-effects and are 100% natural medicines. Diet changes may help to halt the progress. Consuming good amount of fruits and vegetables help to combat deficiencies and stop graying of hair.

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